Shocking footage shows plane crashing into the ground in Iceland

Jan 06 2014 - 12 Comments

Released just a few hours ago, the following footage was recorded on Aug. 5, 2013.

It shows a Beechcraft Super King Air 200, registered TF-MYX, an Air Ambulance flight operated by Air Myflug crashing into a dragstrip near Akureyri Airport, in Iceland.

The plane had transported a patient to Reykjavik, Iceland and was returning to Akureyri when it was placed on hold to the west of the airport, where the dragstrip was being prepared for an air race.

As the footage shows, during a left hand turn, the Beechcraft lost height until it impacted into the ground. Quite surprisingly, of the three people on board, one (the co-pilot) survived the crash.

According to the user who uploaded the clip to Liveleak, “This is the Co-Pilot’s second plane accident, exactly 12 years prior to the crash he had an emergency landing where the medic that died treated him for minor injuries.”


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  • Justin Dixon

    What was the cause though?

    • Cause..Gravity is law..pull too late at high speed and high bank angles & lift is not the immediate result physics does the rest for you..
      Did you see angle of the aircraft as it passed over the rear facing camera? He was at pretty much 85-90 degrees and then the front camera catches him as he trys to roll back towards level losing altitude( look at the left wing in the still) the nose is pointing low ..I think he got behind the aircraft and expected it to respond quicker than it did.
      He came in fast and low and pulled too hard and too late..3 pilots aboard..a little stunting perhaps. Reminds me of the B52 crash video…

      • FoilHatWearer

        Yep, that was a very severe bank angle. I’ll bet the pilot manual doesn’t tell you to go that far.

  • Controlled flight into terrain..someone was trying to do a low pass and stuffed it.

    • FoilHatWearer

      Yep, I think you’re right. Wow.

  • Kyle Duren

    Seems this was a while ago:

    Not much of a actual reason for the crash listed…

  • Flapa

    Salve Davide, come stai? Ti interessano sempre la nostre Flapa letters? Buon anno 2014 e complimenti per il tuo blog. Fatti vivo.
    Regarding the video personally I believe is a fake.

    • OG_Locc

      Why do you think it’s fake?

  • Flapa

    I do apologize for my earlier comment te video is real

  • HotDogg

    He was hot dogging, and he screwed up.

  • Incredible. What was the cause of this crash?!

  • I have the feeling that the pilot was trying to trip the drag strip’s timer. This would explain the low wing. More attemped stunt than “low fly-by”.