Stunning GoPro video of what passengers don’t see when flying an Airbus 340

Dec 28 2013 - 4 Comments

Shot with GoPro cameras attached to Air Tahiti Nui‘s Airbus 340, the following footage is particularly interesting as it shows ground and air ops around the wide body from several points of view during scheduled services to/from French Polynesia.

Something passengers don’t see when flying an A-340 (which is also operated by some VIP or military services, as the Royal Brunei Airlines, Qatar Amiri Flight, Arab Republic of Egypt Government, Saudi Arabia Air Force, The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and the French Air Force – formerly even Gaddafi had one).

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  • Vito Boscaino

    Very cool. Nice clip.

  • Ehud Gavron

    Cameras on the ground show the wheel unloading after stopping. Cameras in the cockpit turn with the pilot’s head. This is NOT cameras “mounted on an a340”. It’s a montage of a bunch of stuff. I like the cool footage but whomever posted this LIED about where it came from.

    • MB

      Lost in translation perhaps. At least one shot was from a camera ‘mounted’ to the aircraft. The title actually says ‘attached’ which could mean assigned to but clearly there is more than one camera and they did a good job of editing everything together.

    • OG_Locc

      LMAO. Are you really butt hurt because he said the camera was “mounted”?