This crazy video shows flight ops aboard French nuclear-powered aircraft carrier in slow motion!

Dec 02 2013 - 6 Comments
  • Paul Robinson

    Great footage. Ex pat Brit/Irish living in northern France. Just got this in e mail after reading Charles de Gaulle, after spending January to July of this year being refitted & modernised, is to be taken out of service between September 2016 to February 2018 for another major overhaul. Latest date given for retirement is 2041.

  • John

    Watch the Super-Etendard take off around minute 1:50 or so. The cable that is used to launch the plane flies into the water. Is this standard practice that they get 1 launch per cable? Seems like a waste to have to have a stockpile of those cables to launch the planes.

    For some reason i thought that they “caught” those some how, but i guess not. looking at old US Navy footage and at around 2:33 on this video there is a splash in the water that i have to assume is the cable from the Phantom launch.

    • Jean_Franscois

      You should watch the French movie from 1965 “Le Ciel sur la Tete” which shows you exactly that

    • Charlie Pitarys

      I believe back in the day US carriers used a net positioned out there to catch what they could.

    • jetcal1

      It’s called a bridle. Sometimes they go over the side.
      However, I for one would limit the launches to a certain
      amount and then deep six it.

  • Jean-Franscois DeLaCroix

    Vive la France!