[Video] China’s first Weaponized Stealth Drone makes maiden flight

On Nov. 21, at 1.00PM LT, Lijian (“sharp sword”), China’s first weaponized stealth drone successfully completed its maiden flight from Hongdu.

The UCAV (Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle) flew for 20 minutes: a short test flight that marked China’s third indigenous stealth aircraft in three years, which follows the J-20 Mighty Dragon and J-31 Falcon Eagle stealth fighter jets.

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  1. I see an aicraft rolling on the ground and stills of an aircraft on final approach. Why doesn’t the video show the complete landing sequence?

  2. wow… they finally got a drone flying that looks like another decent copy. what’s new? the only thing I can think of happening is my friends in the defense industry will stay gainfully employed while china and the usa posture and have a new cold war.. nothing will come of it, there is no real reason for war between these two but it sure will escalate new weapons.

    • Everyone hopes that but what makes most sense and what human nature twist into sense is repeated through the history books repeatably with horrific results for those that don’t prepare for such.

      China is a communist dictatorship attempting to preserve their party and the fortunes they gained from their leadership positions. China has major population issues lingering underneath. A large population that is still of fighting age while on the cusp of the otherside were they will progress from asset to debit. A young generation that because of the one child policy and the human nature of wanting a son to carry the name is dangerously more males than females.

      Add all that together and the senseless starts making sense. How do you direct a restless populations anger away from your party that has ruled for 50yrs off to some outside other? How do you shed off large numbers of males 18-40? How do you feed a industrial export producer economy that sees the world demand drawing down? These are all questions they are asking themselves.

      Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

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