This is what happens inside an AC-130U Gunship firing 105mm projectiles

The following footage shows  Special Missions Aviation Airmen during preflight, and live fire training mission aboard a U.S. Air Force Special Operations Command AC-130U gunship over Hurlburt Field and the Eglin Air Force Base range.

Noteworthy, the video shows also the ammo upload on the side mounted 40mm and 105mm guns.

It’s quite impressive how’s the huge plane’s cabin seems to be shacken each time a 105mm projectile is fired towards a ground target.


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  1. That is super quiet and calm compared to the sound and calamity of a 105 firing in a tank turret.

    • the AC-130 fires a 105mm howitzer round – relatively low velocity, thin walled shell with lots of HE. Your old tanker days were firing a high velocity 105mm tank cannon – a much higher velocity round with a much larger propellant charge. The howitzer round is better for explosive effects on target, the tank round is better for fighting other tanks, and is much louder.

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