More NATO Tactical Leadership Programme action photos

As already explained on a previous post, on Oct. 1 and 2, the Tactical Leadership Programme and Albacete Airbase hosted a Spotters Day during TLP Flying Course 2013/5.

Here are some photographs shot by The Aviationist’s contributor Alessandro Fucito during the event.

Albacete TLP 2013-5 Spotter Day 190

Turkish Air Force F-16D from 151 Filo.

Albacete TLP 2013-5 Spotter Day 161

Ala 14’s Eurofighter Typhoon.

Albacete TLP 2013-5 Spotter Day 146

Swiss Air Force F-18 from FlSt18.

Albacete TLP 2013-5 Spotter Day 121

Eurofighter Typhoon from the Italian Air Force’s 4° Stormo.

Albacete TLP 2013-5 Spotter Day 108

Polish Air Force’s F-16C Block 52+ from BLT31.

Albacete TLP 2013-5 Spotter Day 096

Mirage 2000D from the French Air Force’s EC 03.033.

Albacete TLP 2013-5 Spotter Day 141

Mirage 2000C from EC 02.005.

Albacete TLP 2013-5 Spotter Day 059

An Italian Air Force HH-3F from the 15° Stormo. This kind of helicopter is currently being replaced within the Aeronautica Militare by the Agusta Westland HH-139A.

Top photo: Spanish F/A-18 from Ala 46 (all images by Alessandro Fucito).

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  1. Glad NATO has the fighter aircraft that it has, and Russia and the Chinese have the outclassed aircraft that they have. MIG, Sukhoi and their Chinese counterpart copies would be no match for today’s Western fighters. Nor can the new breed of indigenous Chinese aircraft expect to hold a candle to what the West can deploy. At best they will make poor copies of other airframes. Western and U.S. airframes! They simply cannot duplicate the highest of our advanced technologies, nor the industries/universities that gave birth to them.

    … and this Russian talk of invincibility through “super-maneuverability” is nonsense! NATO’s airframes are not only fast and maneuverable, but their electronics and missile systems are far superior to that of their Eastern counterparts.

    Let Vladamir Putin dream of re-birthing the Russian Empire. Let China dream of Asian and then world supremacy. Let the U.S. and her allies sleep well knowing that it is they who can stop any and all nation’s aggressions by having what will always be far superior aircraft technology – especially where fighters are concerned. The West and her allies must NEVER let down their guard. With the arrival of F-35 to compliment the above fine aircraft (along with the F-22 & B-2), seems that we won’t!

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