Photo shows F-35A fitted with two externally mounted Joint Strike Missiles

May 13 2013 - 8 Comments

Last week the Norwegian Crown Prince visited Lockheed Martin’s Ft Worth facility as part of an effort to promote Norwegian industry within the JSF-program.

As part of the visit, LM fitted an F-35A with two externally mounted development models of the Joint Strike Missile.

F-35 RNoAF

Image credit: Norwegian MoD

Unveiled on Nov. 29, 2012, the Joint Strike Missile (JSM) developed for the F-35 by the Norwegian company Kongsberg and the Norwegian Ministry of Defence, is the only powered anti-ship missile that can fit inside the F-35’s weapons bays.

Actually, even if carrying the missiles on the underwing pylons would cost the JSF its stealthiness, the F-35 can carry up to six (2 in the internal bays, 4 on the external pylons) JSMs; previously, only 2+2 were believed to be theoretically carried by the 5th generation multirole radar evading plane,

Derived from the Naval Strike Missile (NSM), the anti-ship weapon, featuring long range, low radar cross section and high maneuverability, speed and accuracy, will undergo a Critical Design Review in summer 2013: the CDR will confirm whether the design is mature enough to be able to continue the integration on the F-35.

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  • PangPangSWE

    *Pooofh* and there goes the “stealth the norwegians so dearly wanted..

  • Intently Curios

    if the F35 looses is stealth, what does it become (other than a very expensive missile delivery platform)?

  • Scratch 6 ships. Stealthy on the egress. It’s good to have clever friends like Norway.

    • Sam

      There still 4 launcher pylons hanging on the wings. Probably would get picked up by radar.

    • Magnus

      How stealthy are F35 from the rear?

    • Magnus

      How stealthy are F35 from the rear?

  • JohnJubly

    JSM are themselves relatively low observable. Stealthy JSF at the front of the package carrying two JSM can datalink targeting info to JSF carrying a full load of six in the rear via secure MADL. Even better the JSF providing artillery can mount dedicated jammers in their multi-mission pods.

  • Those things look nice, but hopefully behave as hellish as they are meant to, because as proffit from the oil industry is dwindling, my country needs new export products to live off.