How many F-16 jets can you count in this photograph?

This image, sent to me by Ulaşcan Yüksel, shows an impressive lineup of Turkish Air Force F-16C fighter planes on an airbase in Turkey.

I think 31 “Vipers” (F-16’s nickname within the fighter pilots community) are parked along the taxiway, but not completely sure.

F-16 TuAF

Image credit: TuAF via Ulaşcan Yüksel

Turkish F-16s have been quite active during the Syrian crisis, being scrambled to intercept both a Syrian liner allegedly carrying weapons and Assad’s helicopters flying a bit too close to the border between Syria and Turkey.

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    • For that they would need to first enter Turkish Air Space. Secondly, at any one stage there are 60 Turkish Vipers and several AWACS aircraft monitoring the Air Space above these bases. I have not even included number of SHORADS in the area. Also the Aircraft are not stationed there but preparing for take-off. Otherwise they are stored in their Concrete bunkers around the Runway.

  1. I think those are F-16 A/B not C. The one in the front is B and almost all the others are A. They don’t have the avionics
    hump that C/D have.

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