Turkey scrambles two fighter jets as Syrian Helicopter bombs Syrian border town

News agencies have reported that Turkey has scrambled two fighter jets (most probably F-16s based at Diyarbakir) to the border region with Syria, near the town of Hacipasa, after loud speakers were heard asking for rebel fighters to surrender as an air raid was imminent.

The Syrian helicopter then appeared and started to bomb the Syrian town of Azmarin. The helicopter would have been very very close to the Turkish airspace, therefore the Turks decided to launch the fighters as a response.

Details are very sparse but the Hurriyet News website doesn’t mention if the jets engaged the helicopter; therefore it must be assumed they did not engage it because too far or, since it didn’t violate the Turkish airspace.

Further details will be forthcoming once details have come out of the area.

Richard Clements for TheAviationist.com