This armed Russian Su-27 Flanker has (probably) violated the Finnish airspace today

Oct 06 2016 - 12 Comments

The Finnish Ministry of Defense has released a photo of an armed Russian Flanker that possibly violated Finland’s sovereign airspace.

In the last few years we have reported several close encounters between Russian and NATO or allied aircraft in the Baltic region.

However, all these encounters occurred more or less in accordance with a standard “script”: the Russian aircraft, approaching or skirting some sovereign airspace, caused the fighter jets in QRA (Quick Reaction Alert) to scramble to perform a VID (Visual Identification) and take some cool shots like those we have published here in the past.

And, above all, the Russians almost always remained in international airspace.

Until today.

Here’s the official statement of the Finnish Ministry of Defense:

A possible violation of Finnish airspace by a Russian SU-27 fighter has been detected in the Gulf of Finland south of Porvoo on Thursday October 6th at about 16.43 pm.

The suspected violation of Finnish airspace continued approximately one minute, and sided Finnish airspace for about 13 kilometers at a maximum of about one kilometer depth.

The Air Force conducted an identification flight.

The Finnish Border Guard will investigate the matter.

The “possible violation” must have been determined by means of primary radar returns and probably occurred before the Su-27 was intercepted by the Finnish F/A-18 Hornets.

Although close encounters with “Ivan” are nothing special, a real airspace violation is something much more rare (and interesting.)

Image credit: Finnish Ministry of Defense.

  • Andrew Tubbiolo

    I’m sure the Russians have lots of documentary evidence to show that that airspace in fact belongs to them. Did the Finns buy AIM 120s?

    • Erik

      Yes, a lot.

  • Sanguine Rose

    looks like a post processed screenshot from DCS WORLD :o)

  • Diego Castellanos

    No radar information, no gps coordinates, only a pic in the blue sky? Sometimes i think ‘western’ PR media have been ordered to rack the audience day and night with ‘the danger of Russian aggressor’. Why? Some elites, the secret masters of the ‘free world’ have decided that it is well worth a world war iii to preserve their privileges. The clock is counting the countdown …

    • Aviapics

      I seems you prefer the fake photoshoped russian images?

    • Erik

      This photo is from the Finnish airforce. They will of course communicate with the russians as they both have loggs from their radar systems. They don´t have to share anything more with you as they, of course, are right. Why don´t you learn more about history and how this world works. It´s not good if you just confirm the perception people like me have about latinos.

  • franciwzm

    It could be interesting know more about cooperation between finnish and swedish airforces; meteor is already operative with swedish gripens; meteor is a game changing weapon both for extreme long range and extreme high rate of succes ; an ideal weapon vs high rcs slow flying fighters such as russian ones : I mean that is an intimidating weapon,evan on mere political aspect; anyway in picture I can see a 2 R73 and 2 R77 configuration…Never seen a picture of russian fighters with 6 R77: it is due to scarce numbers of R77 or its weight and drag, considerably more then amraam ? ( or simply to its poor figures compared to amramm ? ) meteor is impressive also for small size and weight compared to its specifications

  • Mongee Phase

    All this whining, complaining, bitching & moaning is getting old. I don’t believe anything they say, too many lies, mistakes and cover ups. Blurring the truth, controlling the flow of information to the masses. War in all fronts, Information wars, economic wars, etc. Not have any evidence like the alleged Russian hacker if a perfect example, or hiding any possible war crimes committed by US or US supported moderate terrorist/rebels/savages. If you cant beat them…

  • JS353535

    Looks like a sexy Russian BEAST to me. I’ll let it into my airspace… for a few moments, before pushing it off course with my (better) aircraft.

  • New User

    Anything and everything is possible in this world…

    But “possible” and “actual” are two separate words.

    I’m not sure how many times U.S. originated planes violate Canadian/Mexican airspace, but I bet it is always possible and a possibility.

  • Uniform223

    and vice versa

  • Леон Леонов

    How did you get to frighten our poor Europeans Russian horror stories. Dear citizens of the European Union, Russia, you do not want for nothing, and we have enough of their own problems without you. We need peace. But your military industrialists deceive you for the money from the budget.