Shocking video shows Greek AH-64D Apache helicopter crashing into the sea

Dramatic footage of an AH-64D Apache helicopter crashing into the sea.

On Sept. 20, at around 09.00AM LT a Greek Army Apache helicopter crashed into the Aegean

The AH-64D helicopter crashed for reasons unknown in the waters of the Strimonikos Gulf near Asprovalta, in northern Greece while taking part in SARISA 2016 exercise.

The footage below shows the helicopter crashing into the sea and capsizing. Fortunately, both crew members escaped safely.

The helicopter is believed to belong to either the 1st or 2nd Battalion of Attack Helicopters from Volos, central Greece.

This the third loss of D-model out of 12 initially procured by the Greek Army.

The incident reminds a famous U.S. Army AH-64 crash in Afghanistan or the Italian Army NH-90 helicopter that crashed into the Bracciano Lake, north of Rome, in June 2008. One of the pilots was killed, the other two crew members were rescued from the water after the helicopter almost disintegrated in the impact.

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  1. Apache pilot obviously drooped the rotor in a low-level maneuver in which he didn’t have the skill to perform nor recover from. You can see the rotor coning as it goes into “mushing”, something the pilot probably wasn’t even trained on or to recover from.

  2. Looks like the engine flames and spits smoke right before is pulls up, He went back to the water to crash there as opposed to hitting ground?

  3. “Do you think military force is required today” Yes. Look at the world map and see how many nations are at war internally or with their neighbors.

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    You, sir, live in a fantasy world. A very dangerous, exploitable and self-victimizing, irrational world.

    • Are you serious? I am not going to goi point by point, but this is just way too much

      “have demonstrated time and time again of the successes of air power and heavy armaments”

      Are you even aware of the numbers? Are you aware that to kill a single insurgent the West is spending 1,000,000 USD? To kill a single person

    • no, the right turbine non-catastrophically flamed out or lost blades & maintained RPM (from several possibilities) from foreign debris, resulting in a loss in availible power that obviously was unknown to the pilot (as he continued instead off gaining autorotation altitude & population avoidance directional input), as he would have normally had pulled level as he had many many many times practiced, he now had insufficient power to do so… but no warning.

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