Shocking video shows Greek AH-64D Apache helicopter crashing into the sea

Dramatic footage of an AH-64D Apache helicopter crashing into the sea.

On Sept. 20, at around 09.00AM LT a Greek Army Apache helicopter crashed into the Aegean

The AH-64D helicopter crashed for reasons unknown in the waters of the Strimonikos Gulf near Asprovalta, in northern Greece while taking part in SARISA 2016 exercise.

The footage below shows the helicopter crashing into the sea and capsizing. Fortunately, both crew members escaped safely.

The helicopter is believed to belong to either the 1st or 2nd Battalion of Attack Helicopters from Volos, central Greece.

This the third loss of D-model out of 12 initially procured by the Greek Army.

The incident reminds a famous U.S. Army AH-64 crash in Afghanistan or the Italian Army NH-90 helicopter that crashed into the Bracciano Lake, north of Rome, in June 2008. One of the pilots was killed, the other two crew members were rescued from the water after the helicopter almost disintegrated in the impact.

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  1. Why are the Greeks wasting money in miltary? playing around with expensive toys they’ll never use nor need while starving and having to re-pay tons of debts????
    Just cut any defense expenditure to 0, nil, nada and sell whatever is on hand at the best price, immediately!

    • Marco, with all due respect your remark is not an intelligent one in our current state of world affairs.
      If Greece stops military spending it will open the doors for morons like erdogan to invade. We don’t want that do we? What would they fight with then? Chopsticks? Or maybe with bow and arrow?
      Better think before writing something on the internet.
      On the other hand it looks like pilot error to me. Sad RIP.

      • Greece has the 12th most powerful airforce in the world because Turkey has the 11th most powerful airforce.

    • So even Italy should sell all of its warplanes, warships, tanks since its debt is well over 2000 billions € and its economy is starving…

    • “a central bank is more dangerous to a nation’s sovereignty and liberty than a standing army”- some dead president

  2. The greeks are buying the latest and most popular weapons systems in the world, under the false impression that, by simply doing some shopping, they become a potent enemy. They neglect the fact that these weapons systems need intelligent operators. The greeks have not proved quite bright, given the state of their country, their economy and the above video/event.
    The reason they buy weapons is that Greece occupies territories that belong to Bulgaria, the Republic of Macedonia, Turkey and Albania. The greeks realize that sooner or later they will be called upon to return those territories to their rightful owners.

    • First of all, Greek fighter pilots are among the most capable in the world, with numerous awards in international cooperation exercises, to show it.
      Second, Greece occupies no territory that belongs to either Bulgaria, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia or Albania and Turkey. Greece is a country with 4000 years of history, we were here long before any of the countries you mentioned existed. In fact these countries occupy former Greek lands but we don’t go crying around mentioning it to every open ear, neither do we make claims against our neighbours.
      The Territory Greece occupies has been repeatedly confirmed by international treaties and the country’s participation in two world wars, in which the countries you mentioned played either safe or ally to the German invaders. We bled for our land.
      I suggest you go read some history, not what your government supplies you but some real academic history books. And then try to be a nice neighbour, we can live together.

  3. We do know cause David… The crash indicated in this post is identical to a helicopter crash several months ago in Greece near an island bordering Turkey. This along with the current crash were outcomes of not the operators of the helicopter not being adequately trained but the jamming technologies being implemented by Turkey against the stock guidance systems of the H64D. Part of Turkeys military exercisess this past year were the usage of electronic incapacitation of key components to stock technology from the Apache (that Turkey jointly manufactured and has patent sharing) as well as the invasion of Aegean islands.

    • Jamming technologies? lol you’re a moron. I’m a military helicopter pilot and this Apache pilot obviously drooped the rotor in a low-level maneuver in which he didn’t have the skill to perform nor recover from. You can see the rotor coning as it goes into “mushing”, something the pilot probably wasn’t even trained on.

      • No need for derogatory remarks. You need to be patient and repeat the obvious at least five times.

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