Stunning air-to-air photographs show Polish Su-22, F-16 and Mig-29 flying together

Polish Air Force Jets Up Close and Personal.

In June, in collaboration with the Polish General Command of Armed Forces, Foto Poork’s Filip Modrzejewski has been involved in an air-to-air photoshoot with the Polish Air Force Su-22 Fitter, F-16 Block 52+ and MiG-29 Fulcrum.

Noteworthy, this was also the very first time that the Polish jets were presented together, in a single flight.


Notably, the F-16 jet depicted by Modrzejewski is the 6th Fighter Squadron’s Tiger Demo Team display airframe, with the CFT (Conformal Fuel Tanks) mounted on top of the fuselage.


Moreover, the photoshoot also constituted the first opportunity ever to capture the Su-22 Fitters flying with the new, grey paint scheme, from an air-to-air perspective.



When it comes to the photoship used during the shoot which took place over the territory of Poland, the photographers were flying onboard a Polish Air Force Casa C-295M aircraft, using the back ramp of the cargo plane.





Filip was kind enough to share his shots with us, so that we are able to present you the images depicting the founding elements of the Polish fighter force like you’ve never seen them before.




Image Credit: Filip Modrzejewski / Foto Poork



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  1. What’s up with the 3rd picture (the lone F-16)? I swear, it looks like the left horizontal stab is gone. I’m sure it’s just a weird optical illusion, I’m not trying to make any accusations of Photoshopping or anything like that. No big deal, just kinda weird.

    • Actually, if you look closely enough you will see the trailing edges of the horizontal stab. It just happens that from this camera position, the angles matches very closely with the end of the conformal tank which hides most of it, and we don’t easily distinguish these different surfaces because of the same livery and the “eye distracting” camouflage patterns on the conformal tanks (which is working well! ;-)

  2. OT: RASF has just confirmed the forward deployment of a grouping of Tu22M3, and Su34 at Hamedan AFB in Iran, which have already completed missions in Syria.

  3. Time to donate the fleet to Syria, Iraq, Libya, anyone who can use those Su-22s and MiG-29s… Let’s be honest, they have no real role in a NATO environment.

      • Kind of. Still not a good use of resources keeping a dedicated flight line with little integration and paying for the due footprint… to deploy 2-4 jets in a routine mission… and all this happens sometimes, not every day. And you can deploy this specific platform just because you know already that the supposed enemy is not going to fire to your interceptors… i mean… does it remotely sound right to any one? I understand so many of the readers would reply ‘yes cause NATO Fulcrums are cool’ but coolness should to not be the driver in military and generally in government spending. Time to move on, donate them as the Germans did.

        • I think that every Poles Mig 29’s are integrated with NATO systems. First ask uncle Google, second write. Btw NATO enviroment ? F16 oldest versions, AMX’s, F1’s, Phantoms, Corsairs and Baltic Air Policing without weapons ;) Marco – come back from the moon na earth.

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