“Cyber Tiger”: the brand new Eurofighter Typhoon in special tiger livery

Bavarian Tigers did it again.

In anticipation of NATO Tiger Meet 2016 at Saragoza, Spain, the Bavarian Tigers, founded on Mar. 18, 2013, by the 741 and 742 squadrons of the German Air Force’s Jagdgeschwader 74 in Neuburg, have painted one of their Eurofighters with a brand new tiger outfit.

Tiger livery 2016 3

Probably not as cool as the previous, amazing Tiger livery, prepared for the NTM2014, and that entirely covered one of the German Eurofighters, the Cyber Tiger color scheme is still quite impressive and cool.

Tiger livery 2016 rear

NATO Tiger Meet (NTM) is an annual multinational exercise that gathers squadrons sporting Tiger (or feline) emblems. Among the highlights of the meeting, is the fact that combat planes and helicopters often sport spectacular color schemes, making the event a treat for all aviation enthusiasts.

Tiger livery 2016 2

Image credit: Bavarian Tigers

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  1. Childish… I still wonder why do they allow ridiculous painting/decals on military jets and anyway government equipment like it was a toy for kids…

  2. a dude saying childish paintings are not childish. Sorry kid, but that does not look serious nor respectable at all.

    • So which uniform have you worn? None is the answer. Nobody who has ever served would spout such idiocy. All militaries, since time incarnate, have decorated their equipment. It’s not childish as the MEN doing the painting aren’t children. You’re a dunce. If you can’t figure out or understand this then there’s no hope for you.

    • Even the fact that you are calling me “kid” demonstrates what I said earlier.
      So even squadron insignias that depicts animals or figures are childish? A flying suit wearing a round patch the size of an apple with a devil carrying bombs or a two tailed cat leaning on missiles is childish? Lets ban all the symbols from everywhere then..
      You must be the funny one at parties…

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