Take a look at this commemorative F-15 Eagle for the 75th Anniversary of the Oregon ANG

What a cool Special Colored F-15!

To celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Oregon Air National Guard, the 173rd Fighter Wing, based at Kingsley Field in Klamath Falls, Oregon, has given an F-15 Eagle a special color scheme.

The images in this post, show the brand new “special color” as it towed out of the hangar where the Wing’s maintenance crews prepared this amazing piece of art!

Do you like it?

Oregon ANG special 1

Oregon ANG special 4

Oregon ANG special 2

Image credit: U.S. Air Force/173rd Fighter Wing


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  1. Well, just so everyone knows…it is paint and decals. The eagle beak and eyes are a decal, which fades into the white paint. The tails are 90% decals. The wings are all layers of paint. There is edge sealer on the Gerber (decals), and even if it comes off, which it has been already, going down the intake isn’t a big deal. It’s so hot in the motor, it’s melted probably insrantly.

  2. Awesome paint job. Should paint a F-15C like that model wise.
    The classic low viz camo looks nice too in its subtle way.

    Wonder when the Silent Eagle or Golden Eagle models will arrive.

  3. I thought flight rules about things that could catch fire
    if you know well….

    Maybe Uncle Kim wants everybody too see the new
    fighter bling.

    Maybe ask the Flight Sergeant to look at the padding
    at the back of the seat instead if your neck is getting sore from high G turns.

  4. Yes I do really like the special colour scheme, it’s absolutely fantastic. The USAF should apply more special colour schemes on the F-15s instead of just plain gray scheme.

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