GoPro footage of a dogfight between Dutch F-16 and U.S. F-15 over the North Sea

Jun 03 2015 - 9 Comments

Join a Royal Netherlands Air Force F-16 during aerial combat against a U.S. F-15.

At the end of March 2015, 125th Fighter Wing, Florida Air National Guard, from Jacksonsville, Florida, deployed to Leewuwarden air base with 12 F-15C Eagle as part of the first Air National Guard TSP (Theater Security Package) in support of Operation Atlantic Resolve.

From Apr. 13 to 24, the F-15s and supporting personnel (belonging to units from Florida, Oregon, California, Massachusetts and various bases throughout Europe grouped, regardless of their origin, in the 159th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron) took part in Frisian Flag 2015 one of the largest exercises in central Europe.

The footage in this post was filmed from the cockpit of a Dutch F-16 during a FF 2015 mission.

It shows the RNlAF “Viper” depart from Leeuwarden, join and refuel from an American KC-135 tanker launched from RAF Mildenhall, UK, over the North Sea, and engage a U.S. F-15 in a 1 vs 1 dogfight.

Watch the F-16’s pilot, wearing a JHMCS (Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System) maneuver under high g-loads to try to get a shot on the Eagle. The JHMCS, used also by the American F-15 pilots, is a multi-role system that enhances pilot situational awareness and provides head-out control of aircraft targeting systems and sensors. It can be used in an air-to-air role, combined with the AIM-9X missile, as High-Off-BoreSight (HOBS) system, to cue onboard weapons against enemy aircraft merely by pointing their heads at the targets to guide the weapons.

H/T to Giuliano Ranieri for the heads-up


  • Paul McGrane

    I think it’s a KC-10?

    • Storm

      Nope, KC-135 from the 100th ARW based out of RAF Mildenhall.

    • cc

      Nope, all the tankers are KC-135s. KC-10 is a tri-jet with engine 3 mounted in vertical stabilizer. Would have been cool to see one…

  • Paul McGrane

    It’s certainly hard to see the F-15

  • Paul McGrane

    I like how the F-15 sort of salutes him at the end. There is also a quick cut before the fadeout.

  • Storm

    At 5:50 you see the Eagle in a position to get “gunned”. Prior to that, it’s hard to define a kill without HUD video to see if any missiles were utilized. A lot of merging. Cool video!

  • HornetFreak

    Anyone knows what the hand-signals at around 07:07 mean? Something to change formation? Thanks!

    • Strike Eagle Driver

      He is accepting the lead from number 2 (the Eagle) then initiating a battle damage check

  • Derek

    15s have an advantage at higher altitudes where they benefit from having 2 motors. Other than that the 16s have the upper hand at air to air combat.