Freaking Awesome Photo of four U.S. F-15C Eagle jets Breaking the formation

Jul 31 2015 - 1 Comment
  • M&S

    Rodan is one BAB. Amazing how poorly the Mod Eagle scheme matches the isoluminent speculars at altitude over the North European skies. Ghost was far more effective.
    Given that the RCS values are also in the 5-7m2 range (with the tanks), one has to wonder if it wouldn’t be more prudent to go to the F-35 (36170) topcoat and try for a little better radar reduction while flying up and out of the bright-sky range towards FL35-40 where the low reflectance paint would no longer be a black airplane shaped hole in the sky.
    If they are serious about dancing with the Bear, a GaNi based expendable like Brite Cloud would also be nice.