New video shows Russian Sukhoi “intercepting” U.S. Reaper drone over Syria

Oct 20 2015 - 11 Comments

This was just released by the Russian MoD.

Russia’s MoD has just released a video showing a Sukhoi (Su-30SM) more or less “intercepting” a U.S. MQ-9 Reaper drone over Syria.

Although Russia and the US have agreed on coordinating their air activity in the skies over Syria, several close encounters between Sukhois and American jets and drones have occurred in the past weeks: as already reported Russian jets deployed to Latakia, tailed U.S. Predator drones on at least three separate occasions during the first week of the RuAF air campaign.

H/T @guidoolimpio for the heads-up

  • guest

    I really don’t think the reaper has a radar if it has one it probably has a low power toy, the drones are dependent on ground control so if we wore to guess … as the Su-30 (not a Mig) is a huge plane the US/Nato knew it was there teh drone pilot not necessarily as those dudes are in Aussieland somewhere
    Seeing how the Su-30 is a huge twin engined mach 2.x swept wing fighter it’s amazing it could maneuver as slow as a 90degree drone

  • disqus_STXkrV9NGc

    It’s between quotation marks because it’s unusual to intercept a drone, I guess.

  • Jan Schmidt

    without ramstein base in germany this drone would not fly at all.

  • franciwzm

    Exactly what I thought…An f22 was watching the scene behind curtains…Ahh!

  • franciwzm

    Not really if they fly at night at low level; secodndly Neuron UCAV is the next generation: fast , extremely stealth also in IR, capable of launching even meteors guided by EF radar 150km behind…

  • sferrin

    I hope you don’t actually believe Reapers are stealth aircraft.

  • Steve Perreira

    Very soon drones will terrorize manned aircraft. I hope the Russians enjoy the brief interlude. Meanwhile, retrofitting their manned fighters with drone kits might be a wise idea.

  • Steve Perreira

    Enjoy the last moments of manned combat aircraft leroy. If it wasn’t for the stupid military brass, we would already have unmanned fighter aircraft dominating the skies.

  • aranda69

    sad… they are just waiting for an excuse to start world war 3…. if it has not started yet!

  • rats123

    It’s not a biggie. Iranians hijacked one without any problems

  • trap3400

    command systems? LOL