This infographic gives some interesting details about the four NATO exercises taking place in Eastern Europe

Jun 13 2015 - 6 Comments

A series of training events is taking place in eastern Europe.

NATO and regional Allies are involved in a series of training events in eastern Europe that go under the name of Allied Shield.

Allied Shield is a series of exercises that includes:

Exercise NOBLE JUMP, the first training deployment of Allied high-readiness units under the new Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF) framework.

BALTOPS, a major Allied naval exercise in Poland that sees the involvement of the U.S. Air Force Global Strike Command’s B-52 Stratofortress bombers deployed to RAF Fairford, in UK, as well as NATO AWACS, US F-16s used as OPFOR (opposing forces), P-3 and P-8 Maritime patrol aircraft, German Tornados, Swedish Gripen and US KC-135 tankers.

SABER STRIKE, a big land exercise with forces scattered across the Baltic States.

TRIDENT JOUST, a NRF (NATO Response Force) command and control exercise in Romania.

According to NATO, approximately 15,000 troops from 19 different allied countries and 3 partner nations are taking part (or about to) in this series of training events whose purposes are “defensive and are a part of NATO’s assurance measures in response to challenges on NATO’s southern and eastern periphery.”

In other words, these are just some of the measures NATO has taken in the region to reassure local allies threatened by Russia.

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Image credit: de Volkskrant


  • big john ok

    Saber rattling hopefully nobody gets an itchy trigger finger.

  • riils

    I am happy to report that A-10s are already flying and firing, about 10 – 15 kms from my home :)

  • np

    Still not tired of pindosi nato-ish propaganda?
    Please, we want more (epic, stunning, rare, interesting, awesome,
    incredible, super, cool, memorable, unusual, impressive, legendary,
    amazing, unique, fascinating, ultra, best, fantastic, spectacular,
    insane, low level, etc.) photos, and videos in visible, or IR, with
    fixed, variable, or rotor wing aircraft. Eventually (smart, or not so)
    bombs, unguided rockets, or missiles… or even parachutes.

  • Bez

    Amazing to see all that, while some people still insist that “Russia is a threat”!

  • Prince Edward

    What’s in the Baltic that American lives are worth? The Annual Herring Catch?

  • Prince Edward

    We have those, they’re called “Fox News Viewers”. In fairness, all “TV news viewers”.