Video shows Iranian Aircraft buzz U.S. Navy Destroyer, warn it to leave exercise area in Strait of Hormuz

Footage shows Iranian Naval Aviation Fokker 27 warn a U.S. Navy destroyer to leave training area

Several aircraft belonging to the the Iranian Air Force, Navy and Army are currently taking part in Joint Exercise “Mohammad Rasullollah.”

During the drills, Tehran’s maritime patrol aircraft overflying the Strait of Hormuz and Sea of Oman have had some close encounters with U.S. Navy and UAE vessels operating in the same waters.

According to Iranian defense expert Babak Taghvaee, a very well-known author of several publications about the Iranian air forces and a regular contributor to some of the most read aviation magazines, the first such encounters occurred on Dec. 25 and 26 when the foreign vessels were spotted by an IRIAF (Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force) P-3F serialled 5-8706.

On Dec. 28, an Iranian Naval Aviation’s Fokker 27-400M, serialled 5-2601, carrying journalists “buzzed” the U.S. Navy’s USS Gridley (DDG-101), a Arleigh Burke-class destroyer. Footage of the flybys conducted by the Iranian plane close to the American warship including radio communications was later released by FARS News Agency.

Similar encounters occur quite frequently in those waters and are almost routine: you can find several images showing Iranian, Russian or U.S. maritime patrol aircraft overflying foreign ships in the high seas all around the world.

Furthermore, foreign warships cross Iranian territorial waters in the Straits of Hormuz when entering the Persian Gulf, that’s why they are often “inspected” by Iranian Air Force and Navy planes.

Still, the footage in this post is particularly interesting as it is one of the few (if not the only) to let you hear the (quite polite) messages exchanged between the Iranian patrol aircraft and the U.S. warship.

H/T to Babak Tagvaee and for the heads-up. Footage, FARS via B. Tagvaee.


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  1. No doubt, them americans were shaking in their boots when the mighty Iranians spoke.

    • When you broadcast an F-14 IFF signal (we had recently sold F-14s to Iran), you do so at your peril. It has also never been explained why an aircraft just taking off was decending toward the USS Vincennes.

      • According to “mistaken Identity” episode of the aviation documentary series aired by the national geographic, “Mayday” the plane was not sending a F-14 signal nor was it descending towards the ship.

    • All things considered, answering the damn radio would’ve saved them a whole lot of problems.

    • You know whats the problem? The problem is that if were gonna have a golf war, were not gonna attack with our navy, just with missiles. So we have a bunch of long range missile and a long border with dozens of strategic islands that are thousands of land-sea missiles on it aiming towards US navy’s and submarines. So we can say in the first day US is gonna lose all her ships and subs. check this out:

      • What a pathetic video, I’d be embarrassed to show that! Ancient Chinese SSMs fired against oil tankers, silly boats used for amphibious assault, fire prone Kilo subs, ancient Vosper “frigates” like the ones the Yanks sank and damaged in 1988 (Sahand and Sabland?).

        The only danger I see is that the Iranians will believe their own propaganda and think they will stand a chance against the U.S. Military in a war! BTW the USN will not sortie ships into the gulf through chock points during any conflict with Iran. They will stick to the Northern gulf and/or the Arabian Sea and destroy Iran’ forces piece by piece. Iran may have many missiles ( most of dubious quality), but they need targeting data from air assets to use them effectively, which ain’t gonna happen with USAF fighters and E-3s flying from KSA and Qatar and the USN flying from carriers in the Arabian Gulf and possibly the northern gulf. And if you think finding a ship in the gulf is easy even without opposition from U.S fighters, you are clearly totally uneducated in operational matters.

        • You know what is pathetic. Pathetic is your government that blocks the searching engines like yahoo and google for searching objects like the destroyer of America that Iran shot it with a missile about 25 years ago and the us navy troops that Iran arrested about 10 years ago and the oil ship that Iran poked a humongous hole in it while 2 US navy were escorting it about 30 years ago with hundred of Reporters that were on the destroyers that came to show that Iran cant stop the ship and defeat US navy.
          So if you call these pathetic why cant you defeat our soldiers in Lebanon (Hezbollah), soldiers that fight with machine guns and some simple rockets. you couldn’t defeat them until they blew your (israel) destroyer ship in to smithereens and now claim that in the next war their planning on conquering Al-Jalil The so called israeli northern state that Palestinian Arabs live in it.
          If this is pathetic so why your government filters the searching engines and stops the world to find the truth. You mean your government is afraid of some pathetic weapons!!!!!
          35 years ago Iran couldn’t even make its own Barbed wire but now she builds satellites and plans to build spaceships. This is trusting in God not what your government writes on its dollars then attack the weak like Haiti. You can watch the Sa’ar photo and think about it.

      • A Golf War? Whats a Golf War? Yes, I’m sure those 70’s and 80’s vintage missiles are going to cause real problems for the best trained and best equipped Navy on earth… *rolls eyes*.

        All of your launchers would be completely and quite pathetically vulnerable to air and cruise missile attack. The IRIAF is not even a slight threat to the US military. I think its more likely that your entire AF, missile forces and Navy would be lost in a few short hours. I think Iran could be totally, in military terms, crippled by just a CVBG.

        Anyway, the point is moot, we shall never find this out, because it will never happen. Nobody with a brain would want to see that happen.

        P.S. Oh and by the way, nonsensical propaganda videos are in no way a good foundation to form an opinion on.

        • gulf or golf is not a matter for me cause it’s not my first language.
          the best answer for you is:

    • And check this out:
      They say Hezbollah attacked Israel navy with Irans Torpedo: and so this happened:

      This is not bad too:(I think it’s Iranian missile)

      Don’t forget this is our territory so we can defend it. Now what u think.

      • I apology from everyone. One of the clips is incorrect. the one on
        youtube is right but the other is incorrect. The reason this happened
        was that in many sights it’s famous that this clip refers to Hezbollah
        but it was wrong. It took me time to find out that if it’s right or not.

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