[Video] Syrian helicopter destroyed by Anti-Tank Guided Missile

Syrian militants fire a Kornet ATGM (Anti-Tank Guided Missile) to a Syrian helicopter

The following video shows a Syrian Mil Mi-8 Hip helicopter being destroyed by a Kornet ATGM reportedly fired by Sham Legion’ brigade militants at an airbase near Idlib.

From a spot located just outside the airbase perimeter fence, the militants wait until the chopper is standing still on the ground to fire the ATGM and destroy it: as lethal as a SAM (Surface to Air Missile)/MANPADS (Man Portable Air Defense System).

H/T to Matt Fanning for the link


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  1. I think the missile just used a part of its characteristics, it was clearly a kinetic kill, not an explosive one, you can see flames but those apparently are from the impact, the projectile passing thru all kinds of metals, not from the activation of a warhead.

    If you have had the opportunity to see the use of one Kornet or any ATGM in any other video, even an RPG agains a tank, you can see that the size of the warhead is usually very big, but in the Kornet is one of the heaviest 7 kilograms as much as 7 antitank grenades, and the explosion should be massive, I think one warhead with that size would split any helicopter in two. Worst of all Kornet warhead is thermobaric, which would detonate with a very characteristic “vacuum” effect, witch tends to be like an air bubble.

    Even if the video has been done from a very far location, you can see that actually still has the energy and integrity to lift, turn around a bit and slam the floor.

    The missile probably passed thru and ended up in other part of the base or in a less likely scenario, it stayed inside the helicopter after the initial penetration.

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