9-min colored footage shows Iraqi Mi-35 Gunship Helicopter attacking ISIS positions in Mosul

If you want to see Iraqi Mi-35 Gunship Helicopters at work against ISIL positions in Mosul, all you need to do is watching this video.

The following footage, reportedly filmed from the FLIR (Forward Looking Infra-Red) camera of an Mi-171E helicopter, shows an Iraqi Army Mi-35M gunship involved in antiterrorist operations against ISIS (Al Qaeda-linked Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) in Mosul on Jun. 14.

Based on the images published on Iraqi Armed Forces forum, the Mi-35M carried two S-8 rocket launchers and eight 9M120 (Shtrum-M) Ataka-V ATGMs (Air To Ground Missiles).

H/T to Matt Fanning for the video and to ACIG.org forum for providing relevant details.


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  1. Just one note: the action was in Salah Al Deen province, not Mosul. It says so in the opening frame…

  2. Question:

    What is a:


    on the screen off the Mi-35 Gunship; if it is flashing in the main screen it must be important?

    • Although i have never messed with a camera on a FUNship I have used and maintained FLIR on multiple occasions. It would be my guess that the camera needs to be calibrated ( which can be done in just a few seconds by hitting a few buttons in the menu). If you turn FLIR on in the morning and leave it on for a bit you will have to calibrate multiple times to account for the temperature change throughout the day ( the display will usually tell you when to do it VIA a flashing failure/ warning on the screen). My guess is if they switched to infrared the screen would be whitewashed due to the TEMPERATURE SENSOR FAILURE… As i said before the calibration process only takes a few seconds however, While calibrating a paddle moves over the lenses to get a sort of control temperature (which blocks your view while it is doing its thing).. Keep in mind these cameras can account for a temperature change of around 1 degree. So they are very precise/ finicky…

    • I dunno, I think these guys are just taking random potshots at random buildings. There are none of their own forces on the ground to do spotting. and no sign of ISIS pickups or equipment.

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