[Video] Russian Tunguska Anti-Aircraft Vehicle’s Firing System Goes Awry Almost Kills Everyone

Mar 05 2014 - 14 Comments

Tunguska anti-aircraft weapon system jammed machine. Footage from different point of views.

The following videos show a 9K22 Tunguska anti aircraft weapon system going out of control during live firing activity. Although some sources say footage was shot during the recent invasion of Crimea, it’s unclear when and where it was actually filmed.

Designed to provide all weather, day and night protection for infantry and tank regiments against low-flying aircraft, helicopters, and cruise missiles, it is armed with a surface-to-air gun and missiles.

Here’s the footage allegedly filmed from the inside:

H/T to “nohandsnick” for the heads-up


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  • Zedd Rebel

    ED-209 much?

  • Stijn Vandamme

    second film , nothing “allegedly” about it.
    It’s obviously filmed from inside

    • cencio4

      It refers to the fact that I can’t be sure it’s exactly the same episode.

  • OG_Locc

    Awww no hat tip to OG Loc? I posted this in the Mi-24 invasion video comments yesterday. LOL

    BTW, anybody know how far a 30mm projectile fired from that cannon at a 15 degree elevation will travel? I’m guessing that rainbow spray at the end covered some distance.

    • cencio4

      OG Loc,
      I’m sorry, I didn’t see it on the comment first otherwise I would have thanked you. But, please send tips to my email address if you want to be sure I see them!!
      Thanks for reading The Aviationist and commenting on most of our posts!

  • Ian Quinn

    New and improved: the Tsunguska 360-degree air defense weapon. Having a problem with those pesky squirrels? Need to blow the leaves out of the trees? Then have we got the perfect chaingun weapon for you!

  • Gyoz

    This is when your “very dependable” fire control radar decides to track & engage a passing bird ;-)

    Another funny show from the Russian army with their Tiger stopped by a “diabolical Urkainian curb-weapon”:

    • R.Lopaka

      So did they GET the enemy BIRD?

    • Victor

      The joke here is on the incompetent driver, and not on the vehicle itself.

  • R.Lopaka

    Was that Puttin in the TC seat? About 20 years ago while docked in Pearl Harbor the USS Lake Erie CIWS accidently fired……But only TWO rounds.

  • phuzz

    Perhaps the barrel overheated and the rounds started ‘cooking off’ and detonating from the heat.

  • Max

    Tunguskas are becoming self-aware! :O

  • Бабак

    Another funny/Deadly show from the Russian army! they are always suck!

  • Viktor

    There´s another video of the same incident on youtube, filmed from some kind of elevated observing/command post about 100m behind the Tunguskas. Unfortunately i can´t find it again at the moment, the titel is in russian… It clearly shows two things:
    1) It´s a firing practice
    2) The guys in the elevated (!) command post are not too happy about this either

    What kind of malfunction can lead to this total mess? I Thought cooking rounds are a thing of the past – and it still doesn´t explain the turret going rodeo…