[Video] Pro-Russia separatists shoot down Ukrainian Su-25, inspect wreckage

Two Ukrainian Air Force Su-25 Frogfoot attack planes were shot down in eastern Ukraine lately. Here’s the video of pro-Russia separatists inspecting the wreckage.

On Jul. 23, two Ukrainian Air Force Su-25s flying a CAS (Close Air Support) mission near Today, July 23, near Dmytrivka terrorists were shot down by the pro-Russia separatists.

According to the Ukrainian MoD, the two attack planes were part of a flight of four Frogfoot jets egressing the area of operation, when they were hit by anti-aircraft missiles.

Su-25 crash site

At the beginning of the footage you can see the flares deployed by one of the two aircraft, a sign that it was most probably targeted and downed by a MANPADS (Man Portable Air Defense System) rather than a SARH (Semi-Active Radar Homing) surface to air missile (as the Su-11 Gadfly “Buk”, believed to have downed the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 flying as MH17 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur on Jul. 17).

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    • They’re probably clever enough not to waste SA-11 missiles on targets which an SA-7 will hit just fine. More importantly, privileges to the former have most likely been revoked.

    • There is still no confirmation that separatists have downed airliner.
      USA do not release satellite and radar data for unkown reason. No info from black boxes yet.

      • True, but even if the US did release the data, what would it take for you to accept the images as legit? Perhaps a flyby of the satellite to prove it’s real, or would you have to go back in time to the downlink station and watch the image come in live off the satellite? But that could be faked too. So I would propose that the only thing that would convince you that the pro-Russian side did it would be if you interviewed the launch operator for his allegiances and feelings and then watched the entire shoot down sequence yourself. And only then after all that would you believe it. But then … Who would believe you?

  1. I don’t really think that some smoke in the air identifies that as the result of the use of self defense flares. It could have been anything else.

    Also if it is smoke generated by flares, that does not prove that the Su-25’s were downed by MANPADS or noticed the missile lunches, just that at some point they are dropping flares too.

    In all the latest wars, we see in many videos that flares are normally dropped as a preventive measure during and after an attack run or a low level flight… or even just as a show of presence/force. That is valid also when no missiles are fired.

    I don’t think IR homing missiles are even identified by usual defensive aircraft equipment… they are called “passive homing” due to that.
    And I am also pretty sure, that it is possible to drop chaffs (radar) and flares (IR) decoys together. Meaning that if there are flares in the air it does not mean that chaffs were not dropped too.
    I think that a pilot targeted by a fire-direction radar would would actively react with decoys, a pilot flying low in a IR-missile area could drop preventive flares only.

    I think it’s not fair dragging conclusions like this.

  2. Can’t take the truth huh! You are just branding your website as a propaganda site! BYE! You do realize you are helping to start a world war wich will end with America destroyed.You are revealed! So take it down.

  3. 2:28: funny looking cap, one of the guy bears… kinda like those a chechen would bear…just saying’.

    • Did not know the Taliban look was catching on with Slavic irregulars either…..

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