Here’s the first (and second) Australian F-35 Lightning II aircraft

A sneak preview of the first and second F-35 being delivered to the Royal Australian Air Force

The first of 72 F-35s for the Royal Australian Air Force rolled out at Lockheed Martin’s Ft. Worth facility on Jul. 24.

The RAAF is expected to base the Joint Strike Fighter at two bases: Williamtown, in New South Wales, and Tindal, in the Northern Territory, where 1.5 billion USD facilities and infrastructures to support the new fifth generation radar-evading plane will be built.

Ahead of the ceremony, Lockheed Martin unveiled to media the second F-35 (top image), AU-2, which already wears the standard overall grey color scheme along with the RAAF roundels and tail marking of the No 2 Operational Conversion Unit from RAAF Williamtown.

First F-35 RAAF

Above: the first F-35 AU-1

Image credit: Lockheed Martin


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    • haha, remember when you used to have an air force? How bad do things have to get that the f111 looks like a good purchase? Like I can talk in the UK though. Fraudulently someone went to the Fleet Air Arm and told them not to put catapults on the aircraft carriers to let Boeing f18 hornets operate.

      You should have bought some su35bm aircraft seeing how big the place is and you guys need range more then anyone. The f35 is a tanker queen!

        Engine and outboard accessory-gearbox life:
        – to first overhaul, hours 500
        – service life limit, hours 1,500 <————– LOL low service life.

        Super Hornet's engine service life i.e. 6000 hours.
        GE seeks to make these enhancements available for future production F414 engines, as well as for retrofit into the existing Navy F414 fleet, beginning in the 2007/2008 timeframe.The EDE package includes a three-dimensional aerodynamics (3-D aero) high-pressure compressor and high-pressure turbine, as well as a lower-emission combustor. The new compressor will improve airflow and efficiency, while increasing time between overhauls from 4,000 to 6,000 hours. The 3-D aero turbine will provide more efficiency and high-temperature capability, while increasing time between overhauls from 2,000 to 6,000 hours

  1. Do what you want with it mate. I wish you all the best of luck with it. DoD has been trying to get Hollywood to make Top Gun to and use the lemon cgi in it as they did in Die Hard 2.0. Israel will in the end be flying UAV’s just like the US. Built in Israel. It is not a big step from stealth design air to air from current designs and air to ground drones.

    • Tell you what, you’re right Israel is SO amazing… Enough so the Chinese walked straight through the firewalls of you’re super duper defence firms and took what they needed… Israel has nothing that the US doesn’t and we see them all too often coming up short at a cost of so many innocents

  2. Your the best mate we are all inferior and in your mighty shadow. We are all not worthy.

  3. It was no surprise Top was a Malaysian try to destabilize Indonesia, not to BIN anyway.

    • Those Su30s were a prudent and awesome purchase. Aside the F15, not much in the allied weaponry have sweet FA range. For those fools who bought the f35, the Boeing silent eagle would have been a much greater buy. The Su27 family have around a 4000km range and with drop tanks a lot more.

      The Russians have average electronics but with some off the the shelf Israeli extras etc, you could make one hell of a platform.

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