Russia’s new unmanned aerial vehicle “Altius” unveiled

Russian TV has released a video showing the first prototype of the Altius UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle). has recently posted a video showing the first prototype the Altius UAV.

The footage was filmed during a visit to the Kazan-based Sokol plant by the Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on Mar. 25.

As already emerged last year, when some images were leaked and Russia allegedly attempted to remove them from Internet, UAV Altius 001 is a high-winged aircraft apparently powered by two turboprop engines, with slab-sided rear fuselage and a V-shaped tail.

According to the information available to date, Altius drone is going to be a long-endurance UAV with capability to perform a wide variety of tasks, including strike missions.


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    • LOL
      Looks like the pilot was unable to figure out how those sticks on the remote controller work.

    • Well they are trying are they not? .. That attempt was clearly unsuccessful.. but they are getting closer.. Even dreadful failure like this (I am sure due to the fact that tender for this project was won by someone close to polititian circles and not engineering/scientific) contribute a lot to the industry.. BTW in the light of the last events in Ukraine we might see that delivering on defence technologies will take precedence over corruption in Russia..

    • this guy spend more then 28 hour per day just to post all over the internet.
      any one pay for these effort?

  1. How boring….It looks do western!! Always loved the Russian touch on it’s AC. Is it tilt rotor?

  2. “Turboprop” RU sure? Looks like to turbo-chargers hanging off each side….at least one side??? Intercooler at the bottom??? Great to see more detailed power plant pix.

  3. Modern drones have little to no place in
    an all-out war.

    Non stealthy slow movers at medium altitude on predictable flight path.

    They represent just target practice for the opposing air defense.

    Probably a strong enemy (China, Russia)
    could even put them out of action by simply jamming that signal to and from the
    ground that guides them.

    I don’t understand all this noise about “killer drones”,
    “sophisticated drones”… They are just good to track people over
    uncontested air space.

    Not war tools, rather police tools.

    • Agreed but drones help in taking down terrorists,tracking their movement and intercepting communications
      Russia is facing some terrorists troubles too you know

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