Video shows Angry Afghan Villagers stoning wreck of U.S. Predator Drone

An American UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) crashes in Afghanistan. Local people stone it.

The following footage made its first appearance on Facebook a couple of days ago.

It allegedly shows what seems to be a group of Afghans stoning the wreck of a (most probably American) MQ-1 Predator drone, while other people cheer and laugh.

It’s almost impossible to determine why, when and where the unmanned aircraft crashed. Still, what can be said is that U.S. drones involved in overseas clandestine missions (in Afghanistan or Iran – do you remember the stealth RQ-170 Sentinel captured by Iran?) don’t carry any marking, serial, roundel etc.


H/T to Gian Luca Onnis for the heads-up


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  1. I guess the props were turning when it hit because all three were sheared away, despite what looks like one would still be vertical if they were feathered. I wonder where the rest of the debris field is. At first glance I do not see any infraction of debris from the tail and/or camera ball in the distance. I guess this pred was too far away from friendlies or that the villagers were immediately upon it before local NATO or US support could “dispose” of it.

  2. LOL. And in another few years when those drones aren’t in the sky – it will be a few of these very same villagers being stoned to death by the Taliban. But hey, at least those evil Americans will be gone. Look how well it’s working out for Iraq.

    • Cute, I remember the ’80’s when the U.S. was backing the kind of people that stoned women to death, then as soon as the USSR left they abandoned them to fight each other, when one of ‘their men’ became their future biggest enemy.

      Such is the nature of U.S. ‘freedom’.

      • Check out the end credits to Rambo 2, It says “Dedicated to the brave Taliban fighters of Afghanistan”. Oh the irony…

    • You Americans are master at creating terrorism and then pretending that they are your enemy. Taliban and Al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein were made by Europe and America and 11 of September was just a legend that was created by America to attack middle east. And you Americans will know this.

  3. No markings – why not? Sounds like someone doesn’t want to take responsibility for their actions. Sad!

  4. Loved the video of the Muslims throwing rocks at the drone. Reminds me of monkeys throwing shit at their viewers in the zoo, LOL

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