[Image] Drone Survival Guide

Dec 19 2013 - 4 Comments

If you are a terrorist or live next to some suspect one and are worried about drone strikes, this guide may be useful.

Available in several formats and languages the Drone Survival Guide contains tactics and hints for hiding from drones and it is based on open source materials and “it is collected and translated as a form of civil initiative, not for profit and without government or commercial funding and/or support.”

If you are not trying to hide from a drone strike but you are an aircraft spotter, you’ll find the accompanying image even more interesting.

It features the silhouettes of the most famous or common UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) used today or in the near future around the world, from the smallest ones (including the easily hackable Parrot) to the gigantic Global Hawk.

H/T to Sobchak Security Blog for finding it


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  • Elbee

    The Heron is also flown by the Australians.

  • Aaron Tyler

    I see an ar drone on that list

  • OG_Locc

    Maybe it’s just the way they’re laid out that’s playing with my eyes, but the scale on the RQ-170 looks WAY off. The X47 and Sentinel should be about the same size, and both should be half the wingspan of the Global Hawk.

  • Ed

    Where’s the Taranis? It has already made its first test flight, I believe.