New Iranian UAV based on captured U.S. drone filmed today over Damascus, Syria

Nov 09 2013 - 9 Comments

Do you remember the Yasir drone, a modified copy of the Boeing ScanEagle (captured by the Iranians in 2012) that was unveiled on Sept. 28?

It was filmed today, Nov. 9, over Damascus suburb Hujaira AlBalad, in Syria.

Although the quality of the footage is poor, you can clearly identify the Yasir and its distinctive shape: the modified ScanEagle features a twin-tailboom empennage and an inverted v-tail elerudder similar to that of the RQ-7 Shadow.

The Yasir can be disassembled and carried in a suitcase.

Funny how fast the “new” UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) was delivered to Assad’s forces.

H/T to forum user amricos51 for the heads-up

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  • TobintheGnome

    The operators may very well be Iranian.

  • Hey, let’s negotiate with the Iranians. Why not!!???

  • kachal

    You mean the same “tape” drone you posted? Funny how it works.

    • kalache


    • Farzam Mir

      No, this is Yasir drone my kachal friend, that drone was a modified Mohajer(and not the Raad 85 drone)

    • cencio4

      No. Please read the link in the article. It’s another kind of drone.


    this is not Yasir … this one is Sayeh ( IRGC version )

    • morteza313

      get out of here sohel .

      • Shahryar Hedayati

        oh… my dear scan eagle