Stunning image of Russia’s new stealth plane clearly shows new shark camouflage

Nov 30 2013 - 20 Comments

As already explained, Russia’s 5th generation stealth fighter plane T-50 (PAK FA – Perspektivny Aviatsionny Kompleks Frontovoy Aviatsii—Future Tactical Air System), has receintly received a new camouflage.

A new image of the example 055 blue, taken on Nov. 22 by Artyom Anikeev gives a hint of what the paint scheme looks like as seen from the top (or when the aircraft is turning). Click on the image to open it at full resolution.

As a consequence of the new color scheme (seemingly inspired by the White Tip Longimanus shark typical of the Red Sea) a T-50 seen from distance would appear as a rhomboidal shaped aircraft, smaller than the actual airplane.

Image credit: Artyom Anikeev

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  • germanlion

    I love this scheme,

  • JDenham

    What do the air scoops do that are at the forward base of the vertical stabilizers?

    • Msradell

      My guess would be that they provided additional air to dilute the output of the engines so that the aircraft have a smaller thermal signaturer. Taking the cooler air and mixing it with the hot air out of the engines would significantly lower the overall temperature of the exhaust.

  • gkw12345

    What is the advantage of appearing like a slightly smaller fighter?

    • Ed

      Of course, the paint may be different on the series aircraft. This is still merely a prototype.

      As for the advantage, I wouldn’t know – surely determining the aircraft type isn’t done using sight? Although, I suppose the darker paint will also get warmer due to the sun; so perhaps the camo also works on IR?

  • Aircraft spotters outside Zhukovshy airbase spotted something very stunning, the new paint scheme of Su-PAKFA aka T-50.

    Read More: Su-PAKFA gets a new paint job

  • Bigdirk

    Once again the Russians trump the “West”. Very attractive aircraft in a superb scheme. Compared to the “dumpy” F-35s and F-22s it looks even elegant. Can’t wait to see its full performance.

    • Jerry Zezas

      So, you admit that you haven’t seen its full performance, yet you claim that it “trumps the west”. You’re easily persuaded fella.

      Oh, I see. That’s because its “very attractive” as compared to our “dumpy F-35s and F-22s” Right…its the dumpiness factor that persuaded you.

      Thanks for the technically astute review of modern military aircraft.

    • If aesthetics were what it takes to perform well, then the MiG-17 would still be flying.

  • Jdenham

    Here’s another good view. Those air inlets at the bottom of the leading edge of the vertical stabilizers have to be for something….

  • Bob Smith

    By not suffocating the pilot like the F-22.

    • Joseph Nimee

      That was only 2 incidents with the O2 system and that has long been corrected…. be realistic if you are going to hold an argument.

  • House of Krenke

    Seems to be a nice merge of the F-22 and F-23 prototype from the stealth fighter competition. Reverse engineering is a good thing.

    • Jim Brown

      What to reverse engineer here really? T-50 has Raptorish wings but that’s about it. You might also say it has similar nose, but it is classic stealth nose.

  • Jester1028

    My goodness….Russia is still copying the US with its external designs…it has been going on since the Korean war with the Sabers.

  • Veronica

    I doubt this is a stealth plane at all. Not nearly enough curved surfaces. It certainly is not stealthy regarding heat or infrared signature since the engine outlets are not baffled at all. Also, speed means very little to a truly stealth plane, and only increases fuel consumption. If you cannot see the target how can you shoot at it.

  • DNACowboy

    Imitation is the highest form of flattery.

  • Gareth Wilkin

    Surpasses the F- 22 i would think.
    Russian jets have a sexy look to them.

  • Gareth Wilkin

    Lovely piece of machinery, i sincerely hope the T-50 gets engines similar to the F-22 in shape to maintain as much stealth as possible.

  • Gareth Wilkin

    Nice scheme with modern avionics and due to the fact Russian planes come out after US ones mean they trump them with modern avionics etc. Like the MiG-29 AND Su-27 were better than the F-15 & F-16 at the time.