Brand New Image of the famous Iranian F-313 Stealth Fighter Jet emerges

Earlier this year Iran unveiled the Qaher F-313 stealth fighter jet “one of the most sophisticated fighter jets in the world,” according to Tehran.

Even if Iranian media outlets published articles that listed the aircraft’s top features, based on the first (and only) images released on Feb. 2, 2013, we explained that the Qaher would never fly unless it was extensively modified and improved.

No more images of the F-313 have been released since then, until a new photo (taken by a user nicknamed “Iranian Spotters”) has emerged on Pakistan Defense forum, an image that allegedly shows the Qaher being moved to be prepared for taxi tests.

The new image (possibly partly photoshopped, based on some suspect blurry details on the tails and elsewhere) doesn’t add much to what we have already seen: the aircraft is probably the same (mock-up) plane showcased on Feb. 2.

Image credit: “Iranian Spotters” via Pakistan Defence forum

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  1. What kind of airfield is this? It’s a FOD nightmare! I’ve seen better-maintained landfills.

  2. Yeah very sketchy. I think this is just for show… Iran has some impressive 2nd world production capabilities but advanced fighter jets ain’t one of them.

  3. When we had civilization in IRAN , there was no America in world map !!!, when our kings were ruling more than 3/4 of world there was no USA in political literature , so you better to keep track of your own country s problems instead of insulting other nations, just be a little decent when you are speaking … if IRAN military power was fake, how a bunch of young hezbollah defeated USA made army of israel?!!!!!!!!! … don’t you even think outside the box of CNN and FOX new just for a second in your life ,,,, UNBELIEVABLE …

  4. Late to the party…but I thought I would chip in. The model you see on display, is actually a model that was gifted to then-president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The flight video shown was reported as being an RC unit, in order to demonstrate that the shape/design of the craft is indeed capable of flight.

    They left a lot of information/details out. That is for sure. Is this plane real? Short answer…no. Long answer? It will be. This is a design that Iran worked on with Russian assistance for many years, and then continued on solo. There are a few key questions that remain at this point:

    – Why did Russia back out? Did the design not live up to their expectations, or did they back out due to other disagreements/sanctions?
    – How far along is the development of this craft?
    – What will Iran do about a power plant? Up till now, they have never created their own jet fighter power plant and have purchased older versions from Russia.

    No one really knows. I think this “unveiling” was a result of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad being a narcissist and wanting to announce as much as possible during his time in office, even if the project was never finished. The same goes for Iran’s Zulfiqar-3 MBT which is in development and has been shown on display, but never in action. A friend who was involved in the development of the tank a few years ago laughed about the state of that MBT as he said it was nowhere near functional at the moment (this was 3 years ago, mind you).

    As for the picture here…it is indeed photoshopped. Photography at military bases and runways is strictly prohibited and is monitored. Not to mention…this is a photoshop of the miniature model put on display at the first unveiling. The model that was shown is not designed for flight. It cannot fly. Even with a power plant and proper electronics, the body would break apart in the air.

    Iran does have a thriving aviation industry, but the Qaher-313 is still many years out from being able to take its maiden flight. Hope this information helps.

  5. Our designers and engineers here in America can nay say this all they wish. But I do not count Iran out of the picture yet. They have a very well educated engineer base, taught right here in America, and other nations. And like the bumblebee, which engineers say cannot possibly fly, may prove them wrong as well. While it may not be as tech-no updated as our stealth aircraft, it too may just fly. And be a base for future designs.
    It resembles several present designs, from several nations. The using of other’s ideas, gives a great leap in short cutting to designers. From having worked with several of their engineers, during the Shah’s rule, they were very bright and quick learners. While during their stay, they were often off to Disneyland, or the PX, buying non-available clothing etc, and shipping same home, they were quick to understand the mechanics of jet engine models as we worked on them. So I see this being applied across the board. I also mention that they are still flying the F-14 Tomcat, and the F-4 Phantom, without access to spare parts, and company support. Both of these aircraft are labor intensive, and part consumers. So I do not discredit their aviation industry so quickly. And like the bumblebee, this just might fly.

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