Iran tries to debunk criticism: “Here are F-313 stealth fighter jet’s top 10 features”

Feb 04 2013 - 21 Comments

On Feb. 4, a couple of days after the entire world highlighted the oddities of the first prototype of its Qaher 313 stealth fighter jet and the reasons why the F-313 will never get off the ground, the Iranian MEHR News Agency published an article to explain the aircraft’s top features.

The F-313’s top 10 features piece addresses some of the doubts surrounding the Qaher and its ability to fly and are aimed to persuade skeptics that Tehran’s new aircraft is not only airworthy, but it is also “one of the most sophisticated fighter jet in the world,” as Ahmadinejad said.

Here below you’ll find a long excerpt of the MEHR article:

The top 10 technical characteristics of the F-313 fighter jet and some of the related data on its features and appearance:

1- Using Two inlets and inlet ducts make up the air induction system to deliver air to the engine. Due to an indirect angle of the engine to the air inlets, the radar reflectivity is reduced, and it makes angled design of inlet ducts to the surface to get radar energy wave, just like in F35.

2- The hot exhaust gas mixes with cold air through the inlet ducts, and gets cooler before it gets out of the exhaust system, to reduce heat effects on the surface of the aircraft.

3- Use of radar-absorbent materials in the body, to absorb wave energy and reduce radar reflection, for greater stealth effect of Qaher F-313 fighter.

4- Considering the estimated length and height of the aircraft is less than 16 and 4 meter, the two compartments with payload capacity of carrying two 2000 pound bombs, or greater number of smaller smart guided missiles, or at least 6 air-to-air missiles in the category of R-17 or PL-12.

5- Relatively large vertical tail surface has created favorable directional stability and with canted vertical tails create aerodynamic benefits as well specific appropriate lateral maneuvering capabilities.

6- The very large canopy gives a 360 degree visibility, which is essential for low altitude fly-by flights, especially helps ground mission attacks, and it is also very useful in close dog-fights.

7- The angled wings is perfect example of indigenous design for aircrafts, which gives a side profile like M, and similar to a W profile, is the best form to use in aircrafts.

8- Single-cycle landing gear is another proof that F-313 is a light weight aircraft, with minimum flying weight of 12 to 14 ton, and maximum flying weight of 20 ton.

9- There are 8 analog displays in the cockpit, which shows Multi-Function Display (MFD) technology has more room to improve in F-313, Qaher fighter jet.

10- Considering F-313 normal steering lever, the control systems, with the wing movable surfaces, rudder, and vertical stabilizer are hydraulics, and not fly-by-wire (FBW) system, since many today’s aircraft use “side-steering lever” control.

The advance computer designing software (CATIA) were used for designing F-313, and aerodynamic analysis methods such as computational fluid dynamics (CFD) also were used, with the help of numerical grid generation software (GAMBIT), flow analysis software (FLUENT) and other design computation software, which shows a complete scientific work in various areas of indigenous scientific and technology was used for F-313.

These 10 features don’t change what already written about this odd plane. I still believe it can’t fly as it is today.

F-313 below

Image credit: MEHR

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  • The “Recommended content” section after the article offers “Comedy Central” in first position. It can’t be a coincidence…

  • Soldier Number 313

    When Us Navy (#5) fall in Persian golf You will believe That It Can Fly !!! The Mission Of Qaher 313 stealth fighter jet is out of your mind !

    • miki

      persian golf? is that a local car dealership or something?

      • G Booth

        No. It’s a 9-hole par 3 course near Bandar-e-Abbas. Just down the street from the waterslide and theme park.

      • A.alaryan A.alryans

        hahahah he meant Persian gulf

  • Jean Claude

    When I showed the video to my friends at Airbus, they laughted about the CFD part. They use ‘Ansys Fluent 6.3’ in the video. The Catia-model is funny, too.

  • ReynoldsSlumber

    Ow, ow, ow, make it stop. And that thick airfoil on the main wing, with constant section into the outer panels, so painful!

  • Russ

    It looks like it’s made out of painted foam ffs

  • Reverend Gently Feltersnatch

    The “radar-absorbent material” on the body looks like spray-painted fiberglass.

  • Tim

    How can anyone looking at this photo still believe this is a real aircraft??? Look at the side of the cockpit under the rim of the canopy, it is just 1 cm thick fibre glass!

    • andolos

      mosquito the famous British fighter of ww2 was made of plywood and could reach speed of 400 mph Germans at the start of war didn’t have anything that fast.
      Brits used it all duration war for spy missions and surprise attacks on gestapo headquarters in Europe.
      try to think out of the box!

      it is not a holly law the make aircraft from metal, light weight materials give it a boost in speed and climbing speed and range.

      fiberglass or steal if you are hit by a modern air to air missile you will go down in blazes!

  • Vakil-e-Roaya
  • Danial

    first things first. The aircraft is way too small to become a stealth fighter unless its a prototype of a much larger combat aircraft. The one they presented is definitely a mock up and just by looking at the cockpit itself tells me so because of the electronics features plus the inner cockpit architecture which is see its like a kit assembled together. To prove the world, Iran needs to show us a video of the aircraft on the ground until it takes off. Only then the world will believe. Otherwise, its a cheap embarrassment and a laughing stock among aviation world.

  • A.alaryan A.alryans

    Still we don’t know if this could fly although i saw through some of the web sites they had flying trial .. we cant judge right now its about quantities and to see it in the sky , at the beginning I’ve been optimistic as I’m Persian origin but now had specious. you r absolutely right it could be just mocked up

  • Gareth

    Yes, this exact prototype may not have flown and probably can’t, but the design is so similar to the X-36 I can’t see why it couldn’t fly. Every article I have read about this also mentions its size as a negative. The X-36 is not full size and probably will never be full size, as it is a move towards unmanned fighters, so who cares if a pilot can’t fit inside. In the nicest possible way, could someone explain to me why I am wrong (or right, if that may be the case)

  • Does the landing gear interfere with the giant rubber band when you wind it up?

  • Luis de Rivas

    Here’s the original image before Iran decided to raid Cobra’s new toy:

  • Iqbal Singh Thakur

    thank you for writing this wonderful post.

  • demonic47

    Theres just so much wrong with this ( plane ) Im not going to start.

  • Abolfazl

    Note that this model is not the f313 I’m an Iranian and I fly Hvapymarv closely!