Amazing C-130 photo shows aircraft camouflage still rocks

Feb 05 2013 - 3 Comments

Even if most combat planes wear overall grey colors, camouflage color schemes can still prove to be important for survival in certain scenarios, both in the air and on the ground.

Anyway, regardless the reasons for using an overall monochrome light grey paint job, aircraft sporting colorful liveries remain particularly cool and much appreciated by aircraft enthusiasts and photographers.

The following image shows a C-130 belonging to the 356 MTM (Tactical Transport Squadron) of the Hellenic Air Force flying with another plane of the same type, wearing the typical camouflaged color scheme still used by many Greek planes.

HAF C-130

Image credit: (c) A. Tsangaratos via Strategy Reports

Although the aircraft can’t mask themselves against the blue sea in the background (a light grey color scheme would make them only slightly less visible), the exotic livery makes them particularly photogenic.

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