This picture proves the importance of fighter jets camouflage schemes for survival

May 01 2012 - 2 Comments

Although the majority of modern combat planes sport overall grey color schemes, there are still some scenarios where (pretty cool) camouflage color schemes are still important for survival.

Look at the following picture.

Taken on May 1, 2012, it shows a pair of Israeli Air Force F-16s flying over Masada, a famous Israel’s archaeological site.

To be honest, when I first saw the photograph on the IDF photostream I had not noticed the two planes.

Obviously, camouflage becomes particularly important during Within Visual Range engagements, when the color scheme can render the plane almost invisible from distance.

It’s for this reason, and to emulate enemy’s liveries that U.S. Aggressors’ F-16s and F-15s are painted with colourful camouflage schemes (click on the links below for some interesting examples).

Image credit: Israel Defense Forces