Camouflage color schemes: how many Marines can you count in this photo?

Sep 18 2012 - 9 Comments

Camouflage color schemes are not only important for fighter planes’ survival in combat.

The following image, released by the U.S. Marine Corps shows Marines with Scout Sniper Platoon as they mingle with members of Special Shooting Team at the Hijudai Maneuver Area, Oita, Japan on Aug. 21.

The team were taking part to Exercise Forest Light 12-01, a series of bilateral training exercises with the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force,  practicing stealth and proper shooting techniques.

The effectiveness of camouflage was already proved by the Israeli Defense Forces with a stunning image of the guerrilla warfare specialists from the elite Egoz reconnaissance unit blended with the landscape of northern Israel.

Image credit: U.S. Marine Corps


    How many marines were in the photograph?

  • Simon Wolfers


  • Pragnarion


    • Pragnarion

      Sorry, 17 :)

  • Joseph

    How do we know they are marines? There are 18 people on this picture.

  • Mark

    19 people

  • FarmTeamInfidel

    Providing these are all Marines, 19. Couldn’t find last one. Would’ve stopped if someone else hadnt said 19. He was sitting right beside the the non-camo guy – his hand gives him away

  • energo

    18 marines and a Squirrel.

  • Tom Jones

    I couldn’t see anyone!