Can you spot the guerrilla warfare specialists hiding in this image? Too late, you are dead.

May 30 2012 - 6 Comments

I’ve already explained why camouflage color schemes are important in military aviation by publishing an image of two Israeli F-16s barely visible on a desert background.

Obviously, not only planes rely on camouflage for survival in combat.

Look at the following image published by the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) on Flickr and try to spot the guerrilla warfare specialists from the elite Egoz reconnaissance unit blended with the landscape of northern Israel.

You would not notice them if I didn’t tell you that someone was depicted in the photo. But, above all, they would have killed you well before you had spotted them.

Hint: there are two soldiers in the photo.

Image credit: IDF on Flickr

H/T to Guido Olimpio for the heads-up