The most stunning views of Polar region you might ever get: NASA Ice Bridge 2013

The following video, shot from a cockpit of a NASA P-3B aircraft shows stunning shots from the Polar regions. It is the NASA operation under a name of Ice Bridgethat allows the pilots to admire these absolutely marvelous views.

The objectives of Ice Bridge mission are to examine and check the ice condition and gather data using radar, laser altimetry etc. over both, North and South Poles.

This is one of the largest surveilance missions regarding the Arctic and Antarctic regions. The main goal is to create a 3D map of ice cover.

It is indeed, as one of the YouTube commenters observed, a job you would love to get!

Enjoy the stunning views here, or download the video as it is a public domain here and put it on a large screen.

Jacek Siminski for TheAviationist


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