Iran unveils new “indigenous stealth reconnaissance, combat drone” that will never evade radars

May 09 2013 - 24 Comments

Here we go with another Iranian indigenous project.

After unveiling the Qaher 313 stealth fighter jet last February, a mock-up plane that will never fly in spite of Tehran’s claims, Iran has just rolled out its latest UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle).

Iran drone 1

Dubbed “Hamaseh”, the “reconnaissance and combat drone” displayed on May 9 during a ceremony attended by Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi, “has been built by defense industry experts and is simultaneously capable of surveillance, reconnaissance and missile and rocket attacks.”

The drone, a HALE (High Altitude Long Endurance) type, “can avoid detection by the enemy” thanks to its stealth features, according to Vahidi.

Iran drone 2

Although, unlike the Qaher 313, the Hamaseh drone is probably capable to fly because its shape is aerodynamically plausible, it simply can’t be stealth: the unretractable landing gear, the weapons hanging from the wings, the glaring paint job and the unsheltered wooden push propeller make the UAV very well visible to radars.

Iran drone 3

Image credit: FARS News Agency

Another aircraft, another joke by Tehran that, in the last years has produced some real UAVs, like those sold to Assad to spy on the rebels in Syria or the indigenous Karrar and Shahed 129 projects.

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  • nico

    Where did Iran find the front landing gear????

  • George Booth

    Clearly, the publicity surrounding the unveiling of projects such as the Qaher and the Hamaseh is intended primarily for domestic or regional consumption.

  • Auroranexus

    I was expecting to be surprised by a reverse-engineered Sentinel, but evidently there’s no hope left in thinking Iran has any technological capabilities other than photoshop.

    This thing.. If it’s invisible to rdar, my F-16Cs are invisible to the naked eye.

  • They’re not even really trying anymore, are they?

  • Another fake pile of cr.p by Iran

  • Beluga approves.

  • Icedkermit

    Where did they get that front wheel from? A shopping cart?

  • AlenLemone

    Iran keeps embarrassing itself by advertising its mistakes…that thing just looks bad…and the paint job just adds to the comical

  • mor

    you see iran capturing drones like rq-170 and scan eagles, the UAV on israel incident and etc. and then you see this …
    Maybe it is for publicity or just to increase participation rate in presidential election in June and maybe this, Q313 and lots of other staff which you dont see in english language media are just diversions to confuse military analysts and intelligence services. someone who can actually capture drones is not stupid enough to establish its combat projects on something like this.
    by the way, on the topic of uavs i think you have missed this

    • OG_Locc

      Your first mistake is the belief that Iran had any part of “capturing” the RQ-170, other than finding it in the desert and loading it on a truck.

  • cornerhouse

    Literally, it looks like they bolted a furuno radome from a fishing boat to the bottom…

  • OG_Locc

    Hilarious! It looks like it just burst out of Sigourney Weaver’s chest.

  • Bingley

    The front part of the drone is a look-alike of the US Predator drone. The rear part is designed as most of the Iranian drone rears are designed. The paint is in Iranian colors for display only. It is going to be operationally pained with radar evasive white. Do not forget the Hezbollah Ayub drone painted white along-with the Venezuelan drones based on the Iranian tech. Like the predator the weapons are hanging from the wings so the argument does not make sense. And do remember that the predator was shot by Iranian frogs a few months back only because it too was detected on Iranian radars. I cannot make out any un-sheltered wooden push propellers in the images but even if they are wooden, metal propellers would only be more visible to radars because they are better reflectors. It is about time we should stop thinking Iranians to be uneducated designers because as stated in the post itself, the Shahed 129 and Karrar are pretty real UAVs. Furthermore, Iranians do not have resources to waste on toys and this drone appears to be pretty impressive.

  • gnark1ll

    Its such a shame that Irans Aerospace industry PR people make their efforts into a laughing stock, because for a nation of its stature they make quite good planes and quite good upgrades to their existing types, sas well as maintaining complex (but old) types despite a tech embargo.

    Im not a supporter of Iran in general, but their aerospace people are quite obviousl keen and passionate about their business, but they are let down by the political arm making overblown statements. Compare them for instance with a rich Western ally like Saudi Arabia who would be totally unable to operate their planes without almost complete support from the manufacturers in Europe and America.

  • Bailey

    It appears to have the latest-and-greatest stealth popcorn popping pod attached to it also.

  • yuri iivanov

    an other joke that can penetrate israeli air space remember with impunity ayoub uav was shot down over daimona ?

  • qwerty

    Iran produces another sexy beast!

  • LOL! The Iranian Mullahs are so silly.

  • Drone? Yes.
    Stealth? No.

  • P.Act

    Is it even able to take off???!!!

  • ed

    Western model airplanes are more advanced.