Middle East Cyber War: Revenge Of The Drones

In the same hours in which I was publishing my post on Cyber Weapons, news agencies all around the world have begun to release (few) details about a new alleged Cyber Attack targeting the Iranian Oil Ministry, the National Iranian Oil Company and several other state-owned businesses.

The attack has been confirmed by a spokesman of the Iranian Oil Ministry, who also stressed that critical data have not been damaged or lost in the attack. Anyway, as a consequence of the Cyber Attack albeit as a precaution Internet access to several oil refineries has been cut off.

Of course Iran is not new to Cyber Attacks targeting Critical Infrastructures (do you remember Stuxnet and the possible hoax of Duqu Stars?), in any case it is too soon to draw any connection with Stuxnet or any other kind of State-Sponsored Attack, even because, according to the scant information available, only a server providing public information has been harmed.

Probably this malware has nothing to deal with cyber weapons but, just for fun, I cannot help but notice that this alleged Cyber Attack came in the same day in which, among many doubts, Iran has announced to have reverse-engineered the U.S. stealthy RQ-170 Sentinel drone captured by Iran in December 2011.

The revenge of the reverse-engineered drone?

Obviously it’s ironic, but what if the drone was actually a Trojan horse?

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The mysterious hatch possibly housing a recovery chute. Image courtesy: Dave Krakow


  1. Come on, where does that train of though end? Oh and I have seen some very detailed analysis on these shots, that curve you say is not as it should be: you are looking at that curve on a low quality crop of a video still under shoddy lighting of an aircraft with continous curvitures that was most likely built utilizing modern quick composite techniques (not perfect) after a crash! Have you been around a B2 or F117? The B2 is lumpy as hell and trust me that tape job is pretty damn good and those holes could have been retaped by the Iranians after they accessed that hatch or it came off during the crash or that just could be serated bolt pattern on that area. The Trojan horse theory lowers the discourse mate, did the RQ-170 also my garage door to open last night???!

  2. Yeah not sure on the parachute but the thing is legit. The Iranians are not fools they could spot a charade. The Israelis are without a doubt all over Iran’s networks trying to bleed them of resources and who knows what else. I hardly would put the two and two together (plane and virus). Further they would be using isolated systems for work on this thing as they are paranoid of cyber attack since Suxtent.

  3. IR.Iran is most power full , because iran have SEPAH PASDARAN , and the ayatollah Khamenei is brave ,intelligent.
    if you think any virus , any airplane , Nuclear attack , and all world country attack to iran CAN NOT dis troy or any damage ot iran.

    like 10 years war between all world (Iraq) and Iran in 23 years a go .

    the power of iran is for just : Faith in God . and you can not understand the mean of the Faith , all of your country controlled by Satan , and USA .

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