Photo: a dual seater AMX with a weird national roundel….

Apr 05 2012 - 1 Comment

The following picture was taken at Decimomannu airbase by Giovanni Maduli in March 2011.

It shows an Italian Air Force AMX-T (belonging to the 32° Stormo, based at Amendola) landing at the end of a training sortie in one of the Sardinian firing ranges.

Look at the roundel: it’s a bit faded, to such an extent it doesn’t seem to be the low-visibility Italian tri-colored national insignia.

Image credit: Giovanni Maduli

  • Rocco Z

    Beyond low vis ,,with all the budget cuts, will they be able to ever paint these planes again…,lol!

    Seriously, it would have been great to see these planes fitted with a Turbo Union..back in the day…but there we go again with the budget.