Yet Another Ukrainian Air Force Su-25 Insane Low Pass Video Emerges

Pair of Su-25M1s flying ultra-low altitude in a new video.

It’s pretty obvious: Ukrainian Air Force pilots fly low quite often and new videos showing a Ukrainian jet buzzing someone at airbases around the country appear regularly.

On Sept. 30 we have posted a clip of a Su-24M Fencer buzzing the flight line at an airbase in Ukraine, probably Starokostiantyniv or “Staro”, the main operating base of exercise Clear Sky 2018. The footage was particularly impressive as the Su-24 flew over a bunch of other Fencers parked on a ramp by matter of a few meters.

Previously we had posted the clip of a MiG-29 performing a show of force onpro-Russia separatist blocking rails; the one of an Ilyushin Il-76 buzzing some Su-25s (and the Frogfoots returning the favor while buzzing the tower); another showing a Su-25 flying low over the heads of a group of female soldiers posing for a photograph and then performing an aileron roll; the one of a Su-27 Flanker performing a low pass right after take off; and a Su-24MR tactical reconnaissance aircraft again flying low over the flight line at Starokostiantyniv.

The latest one is a footage showing two Su-25M1 flying low over a taxiway. It’s not clear when it was filmed nor where. However, considered the number of Il-76MD cargo aircraft that you can see in the clip, it could well be Melitopol airbase, in southeastern Ukraine, home of the 25th Transport Aviation Brigade. The Su-25M1 Frogfoot jets were probably operating out of Mykolaiv/Kulbakino airbase, to the west of Melitopol, home of the 299th Tactical Aviation Brigade.

As a side note, as already reported here at The Aviationist, the Ukrainian Air Force in currently supporting Ex. Clear Sky 2018. During the drills, the service suffered the loss of a Su-27UB1M “70 Blue” on Oct. 16. The aircraft crashed  near the village of Ulanov, Ukraine, killing Col. Petrenko Ivan Nikolaevichand, deputy commander of aviation – the chief of aviation air command “East” of the Air Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and Lt. Col. Seth “Jethro” Nehring, 194th Fighter Squadron pilot, flying in the backseat of the Su-27 Flanker.

H/T @Avalencia_Alfa for the heads-up!

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