This video shows the Polish MiG-29 Fulcrum air display at RIAT from inside the cockpit

Here’s How The RIAT Display of the Polish Air Force MiG-29 Fulcrum Looked Like “From the Office.”

In this video, you can watch, from the inside, the display routine performed by the Polish Air Force pilot Adrian Rojek during the RIAT 2015 at RAF Fairford in the UK.

The clip includes the high-performance take-off and other maneuvers that are peculiar to the Fulcrum, such as the famous tailslide.

Even though the Fulcrum is gradually becoming obsolete, it is still an agile airframe with a quite impressive flight envelope.

Despite its age, the Polish Air Force MiG-29 has become a desirable attendant of the RIAT show, thanks to the vertical take-off routine included in the display, which is beyond spectacular. The video shows this maneuver from the perspective of the “driver.”

Notably, the video also provides an insight into the effort that is required to perform such aerobatics in a fast jet.



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  1. Amazing flying display ! I filmed this take-off from the rear. Aviationist ! Thank you very much for posting my video here

  2. Great flying display ! I remember that take-off very well , beacouse I film it from the rear ( from the end of runway ) Thank you for posting Aviationist

  3. Very nice video, but there must be a way to provide Poland with a far more capable Western fighter force. When F-35A gets down in price, I don’t see why the Polish AF shouldn’t acquire at least 24 of them. Combined with F-16 the Siły Powietrzne would be a real force to be reckoned with. Russia wouldn’t dare move on them. Finally the Polish people would have what they truly deserve. Something they have been denied since 1939 – peace of mind and total, complete national security. They have certainly earned it. And in a modern world, they deserve it. To hell with Russia and their empty threats!

    • Much, much, much better vs su-35 typhoons with meteor then F35 with amraam: best defensive fighter is still typhoon; with captor-E gonna be very effective even vs hypotetical f35 of f22 aggressor (sci-fi scenario)
      Meteor integration with F35 gonna be crucial for F35 effectiveness, since F35 cannot fly as high or fast then f22 and kinetic boost woth amraam gonna be much less.(Also because meteor intergration with F35 is already technically studied and need just to be funded and scheduled, and also because meteor cannot be integrated with F22)

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