U.S. Air National Guard F-15s deploying to Iceland and the Netherlands “to deter further Russian aggression”

U.S. Air Force Col. John York, 144th Operations Group commander, taxis in an F-15C Eagle during his fini flight with the 144th Fighter Wing at the Fresno Air National Guard Base Jan. 8, 2016. (Air National Guard photo by Senior Airman Klynne Pearl Serrano)

Time for another deployment to Europe.

Beginning tomorrow, 12 F-15C Eagles and approximately 350 Airmen and support equipment belonging to the 131st Fighter Squadron, Barnes Air National Guard Base, Massachusetts, and the 194th Fighter Squadron, Fresno Air National Guard Base, California, will deploy to the European theater for a 6-month tour in support of Operation Atlantic Resolve.

The arrival of these F-15s marks the latest iteration of a Theater Security Package (TSP), a temporary deployment from CONUS (Continental US) of a force whose aim is to augment the Air Force presence in a specific region, for deterrence purposes.

The TSP “will conduct training alongside NATO allies and partners as part of OAR to strengthen interoperability, demonstrate the U.S. commitment to a Europe that is whole, free, at peace, secure, and prosperous and to deter further Russian aggression,” according to a USAF release.

The wording with the reference to the Russian aggression is noteworthy.

Interestingly, the F-15s will head to two separate locations to simultaneously: Keflavik, in Iceland, to undertake air policing duties in support of NATO, and Leeuwarden Air Base, Netherlands.

While at Leeuwarden, the F-15s will also take part in Exercise Frisian Flag.

As done by the TSPs last year, during their six months in theater, the F-15s will also forward deploy to other NATO and partner nations to include Bulgaria, Estonia and Romania.

Image credit: U.S. Air Force


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  1. another waste of taxpayers money – the russian will not come … the do not have the money. syria and ukraine is plenty for them to handle.

    • Even if Russia had the money, they still would not come. Moving troops to the Russian border is just warmongering. The “Russian Aggression” is just made up to get more money for arms from governments all around the world. Politicians are imbeciles. The problem: You can’t replace them with algorithms either (Skynet?).

  2. Nice one…Instead of beginning to fight ISIS for real – they’re sending F-15’s to stop the SCARY RED THREAT!!!!1111. Just one question – USAF are you really THAT retarted or what?

    • The USAF don’t decide what to do. It’s the government. And what is to say they really want ISIS stopped?

    • Are YOU really that retarded? I knew because some blogger decided to write the words “Russian aggression” morons like you would get their panties in a twist because they aren’t smart enough to know what it means (even if it’s described in the article…in detail). It’s a TSP. It’s normal. They’ll train with other NATO units and participate in the Baltic Air policing mission that has been going on for some time now. Ever since a resurgent Russia decided that mock bombing runs, that violates another country’s sovereign air space, was acceptable.

      Pull your head out of your ass.

      • Yeah…some blogger, head of NATO, head of US MoD, cheif of US forces in Europe – everybody seem to repeat their everyday mantra – “Russian Threat is №1”. And begging money from the Congress instead of cooperating in fight with real enemy.

  3. We shall all feel relieved…Russian aggression to Europe is totally unacceptable, the deployment of 12 mighty Eagles lifts the burden of soviet oppression from our shoulders..May God bless USA..

    • Indeed! I just came back from Iceland, and really, I could hear the Soviet anthem from there already if I listened carefully. It wouldn’t take long until the wafts of poor quality, slave-made vodka will reach their shores I imagine, if it weren’t for these Eagles.

  4. So California and Massachusetts have noticed Russian deployments near their state borders? This is nonsense, the only threat is the U.S. and NATO!

    • What do the states of California and Massachusetts have to do with anything? If they send planes from Alaska, that would make more sense to you?

    • I see that you are completely fine with Russia going over, getting close to or invading other countries borders with their bombers and planes. Or what they did in Georgia and Ukraine.

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