Watch out these photographs of 14 KC-135 tankers performing an “Elephant Walk” at McConnell AFB

Simulated alert call at McConnell Air Force Base, Kansas.

On Mar. 24, fourteen KC-135 Stratotankers performed an “Elephant Walk” as part of an exercise aimed at testing the rapid mobility capabilities and teamwork of the crews at McConnell Air Force Base, Kansas.

KC-135 Elephant walk 2

Elephant walks are periodically performed at airbases all around the world to train fighter jets, bombers, airlifters as well as tankers for war-time operations and test crews ability to quickly and safely mass launch base aircraft within minutes of being notified of a mission; depending on the purpose of the training event Elephant Walk may terminate with the aircraft taking off in sequence, or taxi back to the apron.

KC-135 Elephant walk 3

Image credit: U.S. Air Force photos/Airman 1st Class Christopher Thornbury

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  1. …and while preparing for the next?? alien invasion after the one reported in Independence day (because of course those were actual facts not fiction), asymmetric enemies keep kicking uniformed armies in their backs for the last 50 years or so… but yeah when those little grey men will attack humankind will be ready to fight back!

  2. At least Wichita, and Kansas can still stand tall about McConnell. You didn’t tell us how it all turned out. Did they pass? I’m guessing without additional photos, they remained on the ground and all 14 tankers did not take to the big blue. Wichitan’s are honored with their presence in our skies everyday. Coming, going. One or more during the day here is a welcome sight to myself and many I know. Looked good in the picture! Very proud of our service personnel here at McConnell.

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