Impressive video of night Field Carrier Landing Practice shows what landing in pitch black conditions looks like

The following cool video gives an idea of FCLP at night.

Taken on May 14, 2015 this impressive footage features naval aviators from Carrier Air Wing 5, deployed with the aircraft carrier USS George Washington (CVN-73), participating in night Field Carrier Landing Practice (FCLP) at Iwo Jima, Japan, whose airfield provides conditions similar to landing at sea.

Field carrier landing practices consist in touch and goes that just like those performed on an aircraft carrier are observed by a landing signal officer (LSO) who grades and critiques each landing.

Usually an FCLP session lasts 45 minutes and two to four aircraft performing about 8 to 12 touch and goes are involved.

In order to be certified to operate from the deck of a flattop, naval aviators must complete also some night FCLPs during which they have to land in pitch-black conditions that resemble those the aircrews will find in real aircraft carrier night ops.

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