Unusual footage: Russian drone films American drone over Syria

Interesting footage released by the Russian MoD.

According to the Russian MoD, during the last few days the US-led coalition in Syria has deployed three times more drones than before with up to 50 Unmanned Aerial Vehicles often up in the air at the same time.

The Russians claim that the coalition UAVs are conducting reconnaissance missions over oil fields along the Syrian-Turkish border which the terrorists allegedly use to smuggle oil into Turkey.

“You realize that with the scale of video monitoring being done, our colleagues could share information about what is going on along the Syrian-Turkish border and how much oil the terrorists are selling and where,” Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman said during a press conference in Moscow.

Whilst the U.S. said they “cannot see oil trucks crossing the border,” rejecting Russia’s evidence of Turkey’s involvement in oil deals with Daesh provided in the aftermath of the controversial shoot-down of a Su-24 Fencer by a Turkish F-16, the Russians claim that all the American drones from Incirlik airbase should have seen the tanker trucks moving across the Turkish border.

Anyway, as some many UAVs share the same skies close encounters between drones and videos like the one below should become more frequent.

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  1. It doesn’t need to prove oil trucks are crossing the border, everyone knows they are. It shows USA/NATO can see them crossing the border, if they care to look. They cannot afford to look because their own proxy armies are taking and selling Syrian oil as fast as Daesh or anyone else. Turkey, in particular, has claimed the Turkmen rebels of NE Syria are “our brothers”, who deserve “our support”. Most of the Syrian oil passes into Turkey thru the historic area of those same Turkmen.

  2. Dude are you serious? I am by no means agreeing with UAV’s should replace manned fighters (at least anytime soon), but this is a UAV not designed to be operated in contested air space. The type of UAV’s that would be used in combat would be the X-47 (stealth, weapons, etc).

    Also the people who are proposing that UAV’s should replace manned fighters are talking about the next generation of UAV’s, ones which radar, 360º sensor coverage, super maneuvering, large weapons load, etc.

    You are judging every current and future UAV based off of a surveillance drone built for non-contested airspace.

  3. “Fiction”. Except it’s really not, UAV’s can eventually become the new norm in the future (at least beyond 2050). Just because current UAV’s are vulnerable does not mean every UAV in the future will be.

    It’s really not fiction, especially when people in the defense department have even said that UAV’s can go way beyond the capabilities of manned fighters.

    Honestly you seem a person that is at least 50+ years old and fails to see past the 20th century warfare. I’m judging this off your comments that the EA-6B was better than the Growler and what you are currently saying about unmanned aircraft.

    • Except, it really is fiction…

      You’re saying a UAV can do ACM?


      How do you plan on getting around the fundamental physics of time delay in the data transfer?

      Or where will that MASSIVE amount of required bandwidth magically appear from?

      “It’s really not fiction, especially when people in the defense department have even said that UAV’s can go way beyond the capabilities of manned fighters.”?

      Says WHO?
      Cite your sources.

      Honestly, you seem to be a pimply faced teen obsessed with MSN and blog info who has never served or taken Aeronautical engineering.

      • Hahahaha. You are once again thinking last generation. Why do you think we are developing AUTONOMOUS drones for this? Of course we would never use a remote controlled drone for such things, it’s impractical.

        “Says WHO?

        Cite your sources.”


        Although I think Mabus is wrong about the last manned fighter, it does show how our military is considering unmanned to be the future.

        “Honestly, you seem to be a pimply faced teen obsessed with MSN and blog info who has never served or taken Aeronautical engineering.”

        No, i’m really not some fanboy. If I was i’d be saying to replace all manned fighters right now. All i’m saying is once UAV’s are matured enough they WILL replace manned fighters, it’s inevitable.

        People like you cannot accept change and thus are afraid of the future.

        • LMAO!!!

          Star Trek isn’t real.

          I see you don’t recall the days when the ‘experts’ were saying, “Manned fighters are obsolete and missiles will replace them!”.

          Or the one about, “Fighters don’t need guns, missiles will replace them!”

          How’d those work out?


          Like this?


          When you post a link, read it, first.

          ‘Last Manned Strike Fighter’

          STRIKE fighter…

          AKA: bomber.

          Yet again…. A-A FIGHTERS are NOT the same as bombers.

          What will they do for SA?
          The datalink delays?

          Sure, go a head and say fighters will be autonomous. *snicker*

          Please, shake your head and learn the facts.

  4. Yes, they do. They have 84 MiG-29’s according to Jane’s information group. I doubt _all_ 84 have gone to waste, as well as the pilots.

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