Interesting video shows Il-78 tankers refueling a Tu-160 strategic bomber over the Caspian Sea

Watch this Il-78M Midas refueling a Tu-160 Blackjack strategic bomber over the Caspian Sea.

As we have already explained, beginning on Nov. 17 the Russian Air Force Strategic Bomber fleet, has started pounding Islamic State (as well as rebel forces) in Syria.

On Nov. 20, for the first time ever, two Blackjacks carried out a 13,000km round trip war mission taking off from a deployment base in Kola Peninsula: they flew off Norway and UK, around western Europe, entered the Mediterranean Sea via Gibraltar and, after meeting the Su-30SMs departed from Latakia, launched some ALCMs (Air Launched Cruise Missiles) against terrorist targets in Syria. Then, they entered the Syrian airspace and returned home via the eastern corridor: Iraq-Iran-Caspian Sea.

Two Il-78M tankers were also part of the mission supporting the strike force refueling the Tu-160s on their way back home.