Watch this video of Iranian F-14 Tomcats escorting a Russian Tu-95 bomber during air strike in Syria

Persian Tomcat and Russian Bear fly together during a strike mission against ground targets in Syria.

Something really interesting details have been exposed by the material released by Russia’s MoD lately.

Indeed, as you can see in the video below, IRIAF (Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force) F-14 Tomcat interceptors escorted Russian Air Force Tu-95 Bear bombers flying in Iranian airspace during their 9h 30mins missions (from Engels airbase and back, along the Iraq-Iran-Caspian Sea 6,500 km-long corridor) against terrorist targets in Syria.

F-14 IRIAF escort Tu-95 composite

With the U.S. Navy retiring the legendary F-14 in September 2006, nowadays the IRIAF is the only operator of the Tomcat, a type of aircraft that Tehran has kept airworthy throughout the years in spite of the embargo imposed after the 1979 Revolution.

Not only did the Iranians keep some F-14s in active service but they have also upgraded it with some domestic avionics upgrades and weapons that should extend the life of the last flying Tomcats until 2030.

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  1. THIRTY YEARS of embargo…

    Prove they’re working.

    EVERY article written (Tom Cooper is a credible source, so is ACIG, etc) about the Iranian airforce says they struggle to get jets airworthy, let alone fully functional.
    A handful MAY be functional at a time, but the entire fleet is NOT.

  2. When the US Navy will replace the F-18 by the F-35A …..This time , Iranian air force will be stronger with their F-14…..If one day the F-35 will really fly on the carrier ;-)

    The American Air Force (Navy ,Air Force , Marine ) spend lot of money to go back to the situation when the F-105 flew above Viet-Nam

    In 10 years, when the F-15, F-16 , F-18 (70’s dev ) and A-10 will go to aircraft boneyard , is not yours 187 F-22 (with lot of problems ) , you will control the Taiwan strait

  3. WTF?

    You really should catch up on the last 25 or so years of PGM technology.

    Carpet bombing is SO 70’s….

  4. That is if you believe it! There are no armaments attached and were did the Iranians get the F-14 footage from the Russians?

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