Impressive shots of Russian Su-24 and Su-34 jets launching at night from Latakia airbase in Syria

Russian Air Force Su-34s and Su-24s night operations at Latakia airbase.

Released by the Russian MoD, the pictures in this post show Sukhoi Su-24 Fencer and Su-34 Fullback attack planes taking off from Latakia airbase, in western Syria, for night air strikes.

Su-34 night launch 1

Su-34 night launch 2

The visual effect created by the flames of the afterburner makes these shots quite impressive.

Su-24 night launch 1

Su-24 night launch 2

Su-24 night launch 3

According to the latest figures made available by Moscow, the Russians have carried out 934 combat sorties and destroyed 819 terrorists’ facilities since the RuAF contingent has launched the first air strikes in Syria (with results and targets still debated).

Su-25 night

Image credit: Russia’s MoD via Creative Commons

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    • I suspected them to be unguided. So they’re undertaking air strikes at night with dumb bombs? Do they care if they hit the target at all?

    • The Su-25 is unarmed: only fuel tanks and presumably the internal cannon. It may be coming back from a mission or tasked with a recon flight… The Su-34 has a number of FAB-500 unguided bombs. The Su-24 has some FAB-100 and FAB-250 unguided bombs.

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