There’s a lonely Il-76T cargo plane over central Syria right now

Sep 23 2014 - 9 Comments
  • Alois Janíček

    Interesting, maybe Assad ordered some new S-400 sams?

    • dumpster4

      Right now, the only SAM systems seeing action in the area are Israeli:

      Israeli Patriot downs Syrian Su-24:

      Anyone have more info on this incident? Israeli Patriots have shot down
      UAVs before, but this is the first time I’ve heard of them downing a
      manned aircraft.

    • Victorinox

      Why would he do that? The air strikes are targeting his enemies. The attacks are actually helping his regime…

  • KHAN85

    I don’t think that fighters jets have a ADS-B in war missions. This article seems a joke.

  • Ok

    Central Russia?

  • Tom Jones

    Either it is being misinterpreted for flying over Syria, or it is delivering weapons.
    But you can’t rule out the first part.

  • Ed

    I wonder whether it has escorts? To jam MANPADs and so on? Seems like a risk even with this kind of escort though.

  • TJ

    Nothing unusual in YK-ATB making internal Syrian flights or flights to Iran. Also if it was a Russian IL-76 then it would require diplomatic over flight permission from surrounding countries. In answer to Alois question not a chance of such weapons being flown in. Again diplomatic clearance would have to be arranged with the cargo manifest listed as an arms transfer. Far too embarrassing for Russia if the aircraft is requested to land for a cargo check. Russia resupplies Syria not through airlifts but by the ‘Syrian Express’ Russian Navy runs from the Black Sea. Just look at the number of Large Landing Ships that have conducted this run for years now. See link of Russian Naval movements through the Turkish Straits links.

    The following was Russian Air Force Il-76 flights when they were delivering equipment and vehicles for the chemical weapons removal and security with full overflight clearance from Turkey.

    Movement history of YK-ATB

    See following for Russian Navy Large Landing Ships from Black Sea. They do the regular Syrian Express runs. No requirement for diplomatic clearance and no customs/cargo checks.

    Also Alois, if Syria was to get S-400s they wouldn’t last very long with Israel watching their every move. Even rumours of S-300s and other weapons supplies at export level was enough to get Israel striking targets inside Syria. Pointless Syria getting S-400s when they will be taken out by Israel.

    • Godhelpmandind Please

      Nothing wrong for sovereign state of Syria to buy weapons from Russia. If anybody think otherwise, they must be insane…like US leader.